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Synonyms for yon

distant but within sight ('yon' is dialectal)


Related Words

at or in an indicated (usually distant) place ('yon' is archaic and dialectal)


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Her mother also had autoimmune thyroiditis, so perhaps there was a genetic component that went be yond any possible impact of artificial sweeteners, Dr.
The GLA 250 4MATIC is highly manoeuvrable around the city, lively on the open roads be- yond the metropolis, and dynamic and efficient on the busy streets and highways.
Arbabsiar had gone back to Iran and was be yond the reach of US law.
"You're Catholic?" "My Asia thought it so." His left hand took the cane, and with his snubbed Right thumb he gestured at the early sun: "What torch is yond, that vainly lends his light To grubs and eyeless skulls?" He never blinked, Not once.
Thus, deeper integration must go be yond the simple removal of protectionist measures.
Entitled "Small Means & Great Ends," the design aims to not only better weather future natural disasters, but also to create a stronger socio-economic environment--moving be yond resilience and becoming "antifragile", where both the design and community benefit and improve after enduring stress.
(That's assuming a reclaimed-water system is already in place; building a new one is be yond the means of many small towns.)
YOND. It's a great word, especially when uttered by Anne Reid as a no-nonsense Yorkshirewoman.
From the absence of reports be: yond 1873 we can assume that was the year of its demise.
Michelle moved from her home in Newcastle to Sydney in or der to commence her nursing training at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, a challenge she handled with a wisdom and maturity be yond her years--qualities that would come to define her to many colleagues.
Floyd Prozanski, a Eugene Democrat and the Legislature's pre-eminent home brewer, says he's having legislation drafted that will allow his fellow do-it-yourself beer enthusiasts to once again enter competitions and transport their malty products be- yond their homes.
Neither party is serious about defending the borders or limiting immigration, and anyway there are "soft" targets be yond counting all over the USA and small arms galore available to get the job done.
Lear did not acknowledge the audience until his mad scene, at which point the line "See how yond justice rails upon yond simple thief" was directed to two audience members who were then told to "Change places" and the entire play was paused while the two decided what to do.