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Synonyms for yon

distant but within sight ('yon' is dialectal)


Related Words

at or in an indicated (usually distant) place ('yon' is archaic and dialectal)


References in classic literature ?
An I catch yon scurvy varlet, I swear he shall pay full with usury for that he hath had
Robin and I stripped yon ass of his pack main neatly," quoth the landlord.
No sooner the pistols charged, than ye must climb up into yon bed where ye're handy at the window; and if they lift hand, against the door, ye're to shoot.
Blaspheme not the holy saints, Sir Reginald,'' said De Bracy, ``we shall have need of their aid to-day before yon rascal rout disband.
See yon tall man in the black mail, who is busied marshalling the farther troop of the rascaille yeomen by Saint Dennis, I hold him to be the same whom we called Le Noir Faineant, who overthrew thee, Front-de-B
I should in vain have sought for him where knights and nobles seek their foes, and right glad am I he hath here shown himself among yon villain yeomanry.
Sokheng left her home in Takeo's Traing district on Tuesday and rented a room at a guesthouse in Kampot, Yon said.
A translation of Arduino fEr die Cloud, this book explains the open-source prototyping platforms Arduino Yon and Dragino Yon shield and implemented controllers and their interaction.
Sudd| yon 8th February, aged 85 years, Leslie, dearly loved husband of Lorna, much loved dad of David and Susan.
Zugleich bleibt das durch diesen Begriff bezeichnete Konzept wirksam und wird gerade in einer zunehmend globalisierten Welt zum Ort der Verhandlung yon Fragen lokaler Zugehorigkeit.
The official, however, played down the significance of the visit, saying Won Tong Yon is unlikely to meet with U.
Mikdad and Gil Yon on Friday in New York on the sidelines of the 66th session of the United Nations General Assembly.
Yon Far Country is a memoir of a woman born and raised in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, but it is also a memoir of a particular community.
State DOT&PF employees and consultants worked extremely hard to increase the number of projects going to bid in 2010," emphasized yon Scheben.
The German colonel who gave his life to rescue his fatherland is portrayed by Duke as a Catholic patriot whose faith impelled him to take action against Hitler, and notes that this motivation is missing from Tom Cruise's role as yon Stauffenberg.