yolk sac

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membranous structure that functions as the circulatory system in mammalian embryos until the heart becomes functional

membranous structure enclosing the yolk of eggs in birds, reptiles, marsupials, and some fishes

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The yolk sac and oil globule are completely depleted at 3 DAH (Days after hatching), signaling the start of the pre-flexion larvae stage.
On the other hand, there are 4 types of germ cell tumors that do not develop from GCNIS--spermatocytic tumor (no longer termed spermatocytic seminoma) (40) and 3 neoplasms that are largely, but not exclusively, restricted to prepubertal children: teratoma, prepubertal type; mixed germ cell tumor, prepubertal type (teratoma and yolk sac tumor); and yolk sac tumor, prepubertal type.
It was followed by endometrioid adenocarcinoma 20(13.7%), mucinous cystadenocarcinoma 15(10.3%), granulosa cell tumour 15(10.3%), metastatic tumour 12(8.2%), mixed germ cell tumour 8(5.5%), yolk sac tumour 5(3.4%), mixed surface epithelial tumour 4(2.7%), dysgerminoma 4(2.7%), fibrothecoma 3(2.1%), transitional cell tumour 1(0.7%) and sertoli-stromal cell tumour 1(0.7%).
Size at birth for velvet dogfish is estimated at 245-270 mm TL on the basis of observations of embryos with yolk sac attached at sizes of 200-220 mm TL (A.
Second opinion pathologic evaluation of the primary tumor revealed nonseminomatous mixed germ cell tumor composed of mature and immature teratoma (95%, of which 30-50% was PNET), yolk sac tumor (3%), and embryonal carcinoma (2%).
No CA component, hepatoid carcinoma, yolk sac tumor, or other histological cell types were found in any section.
Among them, epidural lipomatosis usually occurs in obese people, patients with a history of corticosteroid use, and those with an endocrinopathy.[2] The Kovalevsky or neurenteric canal is defined as a canal connecting the neural tube and archenteron in the embryo, resulting from a persisting abnormal communication between the notochord and yolk sac and the amnion during an early stage of embryonic development.
As a fertilized egg develops into a blastocyst, it produces cells that will form the embryo and two other types of cell that will develop into the placenta or the yolk sac.
Absorption of yolk sac contents increases villus height development and enterocyte maturity (Geyra, Uni, & Sklan, 2001), which further favors performance characteristics, since broiler growth depends on availability of nutrients for supply organs like small intestine, pancreas, liver, heart and lungs, to key pathways such as demand tissues, muscles and adipose tissue.
Alpha-fetoprotein remains still as the most widely used marker for Yolk sac tumour, which showcases a variety of patterns.
Further tests showed that Aadhi had an intracardiac yolk sac germ cell tumour in the heart, an extremely rare condition.
An intrauterine gestational sac with a fetal pole or yolk sac is the best sign of an IUP.
The yolk sac and foetal pole were also noted within the gestational sac.