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Synonyms for yokel



Synonyms for yokel

a clumsy, unsophisticated person

Synonyms for yokel

a person who is not very intelligent or interested in culture

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Figurative groupings by artists Fred Yokel, Bill Abright and Marc Lancet provide a broader social narrative.
However, I was distracted from these displays of dexterity by the yokel on the telly piping up again, saying: "It used to be lovely to see the youngsters coming to the pub here, and on a Friday night the place would be heaving.
Local Yokel Media, LLC (LYM) is launching a hyperlocal online ad marketplace that will specialize in monetizing ad impressions for the hyperlocal content market, which focuses on neighborhood and regional content.
Likewise, a determined internet campaign against Shakespeare is systematically undermining the man from Stratford on the basis he was an uneducated yokel who could not have been a genius.
DEMAND for home-grown pears is at record levels thanks to the soaring appetite for pear cider - "the once unfashionable yokel drink", Tesco revealed last night.
New Glarus Brewing Company extends this privilege to all their fans with Yokel, one of the most voted for brews in the vote for this year's line up in November of 2008.
Gentle taunting from a yokel or a crossbow in the chops and some unexpected 'romance'?
Lucie is clearly deranged (her nose bleeds in the presence of her idol, and she babbles on, slack-jawed, about Lauren's "purity"), and yet she's easily welcomed into Lauren's life, with bodyguards, managers, and ex-boyfriends all lining up to confide in this teen yokel.
The hillbilly himself emerges around the turn of the twentieth century in both newspapers and in humorous pamphlets as an amalgam of the rustic yokel, the "poor white," and the mountaineer, and by the early 1910s the hillbilly had already become a stock character in motion pictures.
Second semi-final: 1-3 Greenacre Lin 5 Seabiscuit 10 Ellas Pride, Pennys Yokel 14 Dashas Deal 33 Mourinho.
I can already hear some readers saying, "Roy, did you bring this yokel aboard so he can feed us that same old revolver versus autoloader crap?
The Alzheimer's risk with aluminum hasn't been well defined," says Robert Yokel, a University of Kentucky pharmacy professor who is studying aluminum for the NIEHS.
There are fourteen chapters on a series of performances or questions such as the difference between Stanley Cavell's racist yokel who rushed on stage to save Desdemona and the medieval spectator, again in Metz, who saved a priest playing Christ from dying on the cross.
Or, well, Hudson is a Dallas cheerleader (seriously) about to marry some local yokel, but when she chooses her lesbian lover from college to act as her maid of honor, well, you can imagine the sparks that fly.
Vanessa Junkins, Lee Yokel, John Kempton, & Doug Haywick, Department of Earth Sciences, University of South Alabama, Mobile Al, 36688