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Synonyms for yokel



Synonyms for yokel

a clumsy, unsophisticated person

Synonyms for yokel

a person who is not very intelligent or interested in culture

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"The message here is that the door is open," Yokel said.
Devastatingly ironic, vitally analytical, the essays (many of which are book-review articles) create an anthology of pugnacious or mocking rhetorical punishment for assorted subjects: national and international politics, national security, the American Deep South ("where all politics is yokel"), NASCAR events (where God is popularly regarded as "a Republican, with a good chance of being white"), Thanksgiving (of which he approved), Christmas (which he detested), the Fox network, etc.
Yokel Power Productions, Leavenworth; motion picture and video production.
They were: Bill Abright, Steve Allen, Arthur Gonzalez, Michelle Gregor, Susannah Israel, Margaret Keelan, Marc Lancet, Lisa Reinertson, Richard Shaw, Fred Yokel, and Wanxin Zhang.
Erol Rizaov comments for Utrinski Vesnik that the "yokel" from Strumica, as some rudely call the new leader of SDSM, unexpectedly showed more urban and civil manners, political and communication culture, which is unforgivable in Macedonia.
Their Heart Of Nowhere is situated somewhere between the Mumfords' gentrified yokel pop and Coldplay's stadium rousers.
Local Yokel Media, LLC (LYM) is launching a hyperlocal online ad marketplace that will specialize in monetizing ad impressions for the hyperlocal content market, which focuses on neighborhood and regional content.
Bachmann has been accusedmost deliciously by Christopher Hitchens ("All politics is yokel?")of the sort of foreign policy isolationism in vogue with the Tea Party.
DEMAND for home-grown pears is at record levels thanks to the soaring appetite for pear cider - "the once unfashionable yokel drink", Tesco revealed last night.
This query led to the release of their latest seasonal offering, a lager beer called "Yokel."
On the Echo's icwales forum, one writer described Gregor as a "yokel" adding: "He can't comprehend civilisation."
Lucie is clearly deranged (her nose bleeds in the presence of her idol, and she babbles on, slack-jawed, about Lauren's "purity"), and yet she's easily welcomed into Lauren's life, with bodyguards, managers, and ex-boyfriends all lining up to confide in this teen yokel. It's not until she's enticed to go swimming in the nude with Lauten that the other characters finally start worrying about Lucie's welfare.
The hillbilly himself emerges around the turn of the twentieth century in both newspapers and in humorous pamphlets as an amalgam of the rustic yokel, the "poor white," and the mountaineer, and by the early 1910s the hillbilly had already become a stock character in motion pictures.
Second semi-final: 1-3 Greenacre Lin 5 Seabiscuit 10 Ellas Pride, Pennys Yokel 14 Dashas Deal 33 Mourinho.