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a custard-like food made from curdled milk

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[USA], July 23 (ANI): 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine's' Terry might love yogurt but that does not mean he is interested in your fan yogurt.
Several weeks earlier, Danone brought out its 'Good Plants' line of yogurts made with almond milk.
"Yogurt is a healthy go-to breakfast or snack food," says Rachel Lustgarten, registered dietitian at Weill Cornell Medicine's Comprehensive Weight Control Center.
Often marketed as a healthy dairy product, yogurt is not necessarily good as it contains free or added sugars and fat, even more than soft drinks and fruit juices, thus increasing the risk of obesity, a study has claimed.
Approximately 771,000 metric tons of Greek yogurt were produced in the United States in 2015, representing nearly 40% of the US yogurt market.
Unlike conventional yogurts, Oui by Yoplait is designed to be spoon-cut slowly, not stirred, in order to preserve its thick, subtly sweet taste, and is uniquely packaged in a French-made glass pot in which each serving is individually cultured to protect the delicate texture of French-style yogurt.
For more information on Good Karma Foods' Dairy Free Yogurts, or to find a store near you, visit http://goodkarmafoods.com.
Yogurt has gone from a natural roods niche to a staple in the refrigerators of most Americans.
New styles of yogurt gain in popularity in the wake of Greek's success.
Store brand yogurts could do especially well as an ingredient, too, Anderson notes.
No doubt you've heard about the health benefits of yogurt, the most widely consumed fermented milk product in the world.
The physico-chemical and organoleptic properties of buffalo cow and goat milk and their respective yogurt samples were analyzed.
However, don't assume that all yogurts that have the word "Greek" on the label are healthier.
"You need to be careful with the type of yogurt you choose as some low fat yogurts contain 14g or 15g of sugar per 100g.