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of or relating to yoga


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Acute effect of Mukh bhastrika (a yogic bellows type breathing) on reaction time.
Yoga is one of the most accomplished methods to remain healthy and we should ensure the just doing yogic exercises is not enough but it is more important to adopt yogic in our lifestyle.
The idyllic ambiance of Varkala also creates the quintessential environment that is a prerequisite to a yogic lifestyle.
There is a need for extensive new Vedic study and research in India, including considering the mantric and yogic dimensions of Vedic knowledge," Frawley said on Monday while giving a presentation of his findings on ' Aryan Theory in The Light of Textual Evidences'.
Therefore, to provide a tailor made yoga programme we should know the fitness benefits of various types of yogic practices so that they can be offered separately or in combination according to individual lifestyle and requirements.
It is also observed that regular yogic practices reduce basal metabolic rate and resting oxygen consumption.
The Yogathon is a mega-challenge in which individuals have to learn a series of 12 sequential yogic postures and then do 54 rounds of this exercise.
Naam yoga is a combination of eastern yogic practises with esoteric kabbalah teachings.
Participants will then do yogic breathing and laughter exercises, before reading out a message from WorldWide Laughter Yoga Movement founder Dr Madan Kataria.
The vegetarian lifestyle is an integral part of the early yogic tradition but a substantial portion of yoga practitioners do not follow this lifestyle.
India-based Institute for Nature Cure and Yogic Sciences' Dr Umesh Dongare was the keynote speaker at the event attended by more than 100 participants.
Our aim was study the long term effects (at least for 6 month duration) of yogic practices on weight, waist--line, hips and chest flexibility in case of a group of women who performed yogasanas and pranayamas regularly.
A fascinating if brief section discusses some of these religious figures and their roles, describing their yogic postures and mudras.
The good news is that yoga--and in particular, yogic breathing, or pranayama--can reduce the number of asthma attacks and the need for medication in chronic asthmatics.
KUNDALINI RISING: EXPLORING THE ENERGY OF AWAKENING ANTHOLOGY blends personal accounts and yogic practices with history and brain research in an anthology probing the rise of kundalini energy and connections to spiritual and personal paths of discovery.