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It was evident that Punjab would bear the brunt of Partition and Lala Yodh Raj had to plan for the bank, for its future and the role it was to play in supporting the community that would be losing all that they owned and have to restart in life.
Lala Yodh Raj realising the troubles ahead which a good management should do, in a master stroke of his foresight and management, shifted the head office of the bank from West Punjab which was to go to Pakistan to Underhill Road in Delhi in June 1947, just months before the partition.
Sanjay Yodh joins ProShares as Head of Institutional Sales, a new role at the company.
A few simple principles seem to explain where the large spheres go, according to Yodh and other scientists.
The book ends with a bibliography of articles and books discussing words beginning with yodh to lamedh so booked (pp.
The obstructive behavior of the small spheres comes from their tendency to maximize entropy, explains Yodh.
Chance brought to the invention of photoelectric sensors, the radar and electronic equipment mainly exploited in World War II was also discovered by Patterson, Yodh, Boas and him.
Yodh of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and their collaborators describe the technique in the July 17 Physical Review Letters.
As DeAM's Insurance Asset Management Group continues to expand its national coverage, we are excited to have Michael join our team of experienced professionals to further create opportunities for our West Coast clients," said Sanjay Yodh, Director and Head of New Business Development for DeAM's Insurance Asset Management Group in New York.
The obvious solution to emend to [UNKNOWN TEXT OMITTED], `Hebrew', is problematic, since that form is elsewhere spelled with double yodh in TN.
Yodh and his collaborators at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia report their findings in the Nov.
Yodh of the University of California, Irvine, focus on the number of muons created in the particle shower.
One of the most spectacular and controversial of these are what Gaurang Yodh of the University of Maryland in College Park calls "Marvin's marvelous muons.