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a singer who changes register rapidly (popular is Swiss folk songs)

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She's still an accomplished yodeller but for some reason is reluctant to give a live demonstration in the middle of the Customs House cafe.
- who wants to know: How can you tell if a yodeller's got hiccups?
By the time the signal had made its way from TEAMtalk's aerial in Dublin to Docklands, the presenter sounded like a yodeller with laryngitis trapped inside a wind tunnel.
But Alice Babs and others combined yodel with swing, in songs like "The yodeller jazz" ("Joddlar-jazzen"), "Yodel swing" ("Joddelswing"), or "Yodel in swing." Yodel plus jazz implied not only globalization but also a strategy to assimilate black American culture into a domestic context.
How talented you were, artist, yodeller and mouth organist.
The group is even flying in a yodeller named Lissie and the HofbrAA$?uhaus Band and Show from the legendary HofbrAA$?uhaus, a beer house in Munich founded by the Duke of Bavaria in 1589.
It's often a bass or tenor drone, topped with the work of a cantor, a mosque's muezzin or a yodeller or someone who manages a vocal scream or whistle.
This week, the little Dublin yodeller was listening as bandmate The Edge formally announced the worst kept secret in showbusiness - that U2 were to headline Glastonbury.
One man said although he hadn't got a whistle, he was, in fact, a good yodeller. "
Removing a 10ft wooden pipe from the wall, a yodeller asked: "Would anybody like to play on my big flugelhorn?" Nobody but us sniggered (come on, this is Geneva), but three Japanese tourists proceeded to make a series of noises that were enough to curdle Gruyere at 50 paces.
It shows him at his most relaxed, switching from the spine-tingling melodrama of Bridge Over Troubled Water to a spontaneous rendition of The Happy Yodeller and a bluesy version of Santa Claus is Back in Town, complete with an undeleted expletive.
Rolling Stone From Texas - written by an old country yodeller called Don Walser.
Hermann Haertel, a professional yodeller who runs a course in Graz, believes that the time is long overdue for a revival.