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singing by changing back and forth between the chest voice and a falsetto

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Still, it wasn't until I heard the yodeling during the opening scene of Werner Herzog's Heart of Glass that I became aware of the power yodeling had to take me places--places far, far away from wherever I was at the moment.
was told by the court that his yodeling offended his next-door Muslim neighbors, who accused him of trying to mock and imitate the call of the Muezzin.
Summerlin is most famous for his yodeling skills, which he often displays during the open mic hour at a Local coffee house.
The Swiss were really big on yodeling or juchizn as it's known in their native language, German.
The classic yodel was created by yodeling cowboy Wylie Gustafson and aired at the end of Yahoo
I was so envious of this yodeling that oftentimes I tried to yodel while safely ensconced in our flat.
Read more about the new yodeling health trend at: www.
Daniel has been singing since he was 3, and began yodeling several years later when someone gave the family an audiocassette: "How to Yodel the Cowboy Way" by yodeler Shirley Field.
Its main characters - three cows looking to save a ranch facing foreclosure - aren't the most memorable of creations, but there is a great yodeling villain and an old coot jackrabbit sidekick that would make Gabby Hayes proud.
I was so envious of this yodeling that often times I tried to yodel while safely ensconced in our flat.
And in ``L'orpheline du Tyrol,'' also by Rossini but sung in French, one could only applaud Bartoli's mock yodeling and the brilliant effect she achieved by turning her head away from the audience while singing, to create the illusion of physical distance.
VENETA - The Hanson Family Singers will perform country yodeling and other music today at the Fern Ridge Library, 88026 Territorial Road.
and we ended up with 27 amazing semifinalists, each with their own yodeling style, unique stage presence and overall presentation," said Murray Gaylord, vice president of brand marketing, Yahoo
Demonstrations of yodeling - that precursor to karaoke - will also be part of the fun.