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singing by changing back and forth between the chest voice and a falsetto

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Jackson has performed in Canada, Europe and in 49 states, and became known as "America's Little Yodeling Sweetheart." She was recorded on her first album in 2006 when she was just 4 years old.
[USPRwire, Thu May 31 2018] This year Carolina Country Music Festival is introducing a special guest Mason Ramsey a.k.a The "Yodeling Kid" in the show.
"I used to go out in the evening and call the cows in by yodeling, and they would come in," she said.
Still, it wasn't until I heard the yodeling during the opening scene of Werner Herzog's Heart of Glass that I became aware of the power yodeling had to take me places--places far, far away from wherever I was at the moment.
The citizen, 63-year-old Helmut G., was told by the court that his yodeling offended his next-door Muslim neighbors, who accused him of trying to mock and imitate the call of the Muezzin.
Tim Summerlin, Schreiner University's (Texas) president of six years, connects with students through his Love of music--from singing to yodeling. He created Schreiner's first choral program and music major, both of which he feels are essential to "connecting even non-music majors to the institution." The choir started out with 15 students; now there are 35.
Once in the ground, we can let the players get on with their own thing without feeling under pressure to perform for us ( a boon for Nicky Butt, I'm sure ( and instead set up an ad-hoc workshop to brainstorm some new football chants (although I think it will be hard to beat the one Newcastle fans sang when beating a Swiss team recently: "You're not yodeling, you're not yodeling, you're not yodeling any more!")
At camp, you will wake up to a bugle, "Good morning Camp Chatuga," and "nothing could be finer." You will sing about a yodeling Austrian and see a skit about the world's ugliest man.
When I think of yodeling, I picture a guy wearing a feathered hat and shorts with suspenders.
Born in Macon, Georgia, sometime around the turn of the 20th century (birth certificates weren't required there until 1919), Emmett Miller was, in Tosches' words, "the most singular emanation of that bizarre twilight fusion of blackface minstrelsy, Tin Pan Alley, and jazz--an emanation through which the forces of country music and the blues swirled as well." At his brief peak in the mid-to-late 19205, this "yodeling blues singer" emerged as "one of the strangest and most stunning of stylists ever to record."
Last but not least are the two records which received the most complaints from outside the Thrasher offices last month, Sigur Ros (couldn't read or understand the title, but it's on FalCat) and Karp (Action Chemistry, a singles collection on Olympia's PNMV.) "What the hell is that yodeling?" was the response to Sigur Ros--Icelandic kids with some spacey, Aurora Borealis-type delay work behind stratospheric vocals and a beat-up acoustic.
The yodeling segment features a yodeling cowboy, an Irish woman yodeling at a fair in Iowa, and a father-daughter yodeling team.
There will also be yodeling demonstrations by members of the Utica Maennerchor and an amateur competition.
I was so envious of this yodeling that oftentimes I tried to yodel while safely ensconced in our flat.
The Coast Fork Cowboy Festival kicks off today in Creswell, with all sorts of rootin' tootin' fun, including the High Strung Band, Smoke Wade and Sam Matisse, plus poetry and yodeling.