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Synonyms for yodel

a songlike cry in which the voice fluctuates rapidly between the normal voice and falsetto

sing by changing register

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Jimmie Rodgers: the life and times of America's blue yodeler. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 2007.
The old yodeler was watching me from his bed in the grass, had been all along.
THE STORY: Engaged in the search for dharma, or truth, narrator-poet Ray Smith (Kerouac), Japhy Ryder (Gary Snyder), and Morley the yodeler ascend the High Sierras to experience the Zen way of life.
Pic is built from a large number of incidents and includes many of the other inmates, from a girl who thinks she's a Swiss yodeler (Ju Heui) to a paranoid middle-aged guy (Kim Chun-gun's).
DuBose actually considered titling the play "Blue Yodeler" (Rodgers's nickname) but was afraid that "modern persons' resistance to anything 'yodel' would keep them away." Rest assured, though, he says, "I lean heavily towards the blues and stay away from anything that approaches an Alpine yodel."
You may see a 12-year-old champion yodeler all the way to one night we had Wade Mainer.
Yodel Challenge, a contest to find America's favorite amateur yodeler, with a grand prize of appearing in an upcoming advertisement and US$10,000.
Asserting his modesty once again, he says, "I am no great yodeler, but it gives the performance a nice cadenza."
Revel in the fact that Roxy Epoxy is a damn fine yodeler and looks perfectly tazered when she sings.
The early model T Ford was known as a "Flivver," because driving it made your "liver quiver." A "Jitney" and a "Yodeler" were coined for the peculiar sounds the engines made while starting or idling, and a "Tin Lizzie" might have been named after a retired buggy mare named Lizzie, although I don't think that's documented anywhere.
If you contract with an independent yodeler, artist, or other independent contractor to create a copyrightable work for you, unless you agree in writing that you are going to own the copyright, the law says that the artist -- the author -- owns the copyright.
Haley's career had begun in the early '40s as a yodeler with several Country bands.
When one yodeler leaves the tracks with a particularly egregious shriek, the entire audience winces visibly.
Louis Woman," which begins, "There was a sweet white woman down in Savannah GA/She made love to my daddy in front of the K.K.K.," and ends, "We all got to watch out for the C.I.A." He could sing in a stretched-out, parched tenor or a fluent falsetto, both streaked with blues, but he was also a crazed yodeler who could outdistance any Alpine Swiss or forest Pygmy or movie cowpoke.
Toward the end of the decade, the first chapter newsletter appeared: The San Francisco Bay Chapter's Yodeler. This and other chapter (and, later, group) newsletters fulfilled functions that the Bulletin could not: they appeared more frequently, and could better serve the needs of an increasingly dispersed membership.