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(cosmology) the original matter that (according to the big bang theory) existed before the formation of the chemical elements

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Gamow adopted the word ylem (pronounced eye-lem), an ancient word meaning primordial substance, for the stuff from which the universe was made.
Antibodies and antisera employed Antibody or Antiserum P or M (clone)(*) Dilution Mitochondrion M (113-1) 1/100 Thyroglobulin P Undiluted Carcino-embryonic antigen M (B01-94-11M) Undiluted Calcitonin M (SILVIA) 1/200 Chromogranin A M (Phe 5) 1/50 Prostatic specific antigen P Undiluted Pepsinogen II P 7/2000 E-cathepsin P 1/2000 Salivary amylase P 1/100 Ki-67 M (MIB-1) 1/50 p53 M (DO7) 1/1000 Antibody or Antiserum Source Mitochondrion BioGenex, San Ramon, Calif Thyroglobulin Ortho, Raritan, NJ Carcino-embryonic antigen BioGenex Calcitonin Ortho Chromogranin A Enzo, New York, NY Prostatic specific antigen Dako, Copenhagen, DK Pepsinogen II Gift of Samloff([dagger]) E-cathepsin Gift of Samloff([dagger]) Salivary amylase Biogensis, Bournemouth, UK Ki-67 Ylem, Roma, I p53 Dako
He finds that ylem, the primordial mass of original neutrons, protons, and electrons that existed during the first few hundred seconds of the history of the universe, must have had a temperature of a few billion degrees.
Ylem is the title of a composition for nineteen musicians (1972)--"Ylem," a derivation from the Greek term hyle (v[lambda][eta]), is the term which the two physicists George Gamov and Ralph Alpher gave to the essential material of the "big bang.
International Master Anna Zatonskih beat WIM Catherine Perena, IM Irina Krush crushed Woman Fide Master Rulp Ylem Jose and WGM Tatev Abrahamyan accounted for the US victories while Janelle Mae Frayna averted a shutout with a draw against IM Rusudan Goletiani.