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nervous tension that causes an athlete to fail (especially causes golfers to miss short putts)

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Before YIPs were set up, crime reduction work for young people was carried out by a network of Youth Works Plus organisations.
Youths who attend the YIP centre get involved with football teams, ice skating, and there are plans to set up a music workshop, so youngsters can improve their DJ skills.
In my experience, the yips start by trying to be too precise or thinking too much about the mechanics of the stroke.
When players with the yips tell me how they are able to practice yip-free, I will ask them 'so how do you practice?' What I usually discover is that it's very 'convenient' practice of standing in one spot hitting balls to the same target.
Many athletes and sports fans believe the yips are caused by performance anxiety or related phobias, but evidence suggests that many athletes with the movement disorder may actually have focal limb dystonia.
YIPs does excellent work engaging young insurance professionals which helps promote longevity in the industry.
Awards were presented during the YIP luncheon Monday, June 10th were to another dear friend of mine and many others: Michael Plafker of Member Brokerage Service in Briarwood, N.Y., received the NY-YIP Insurance Professional of the Year; Jason Bartow of Eugene A.
What are the yips? The Mayo Clinic says the condition can be psychological, neurological, or a combination of both.
Tony Ip, Chairman of Yip's Chemical, said, "'Bauhinia' is the best known brand among the coating brands under the Group.
THOMAS BJORN conquered the dreaded "yips" to move into contention for the pounds 3million Barclays Scottish Open - and keep his hopes of qualifying for the Open Championship alive.
Charles Adler of the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Ariz., who was conducting a study on the causes of putters' cramp, better known as the yips. While a group of 25 yippers and 25 nonyippers putted, he measured muscle activity in the right hand and forearm with a virtual-reality glove so special even Tiger Woods doesn't have one--the $14,000 CyberGlove.
YIPS are only set up in the most high-crime, deprived areas of the country.
The "yips" is a term most commonly associated with golfers who have trouble with their putting stroke--or don't have a stroke--and stab jerkily at the ball, or lock up and can't release the club head smoothly to hit it at all, whatever; it's a woeful, frustrating malady.
Yips Pow Wok, a restaurant serving quality, authentic Chinese cuisine, has committed to 2,200 square feet of retail space at 499 Seventh Avenue.
The aim is to study the golfers' brain waves, to see what biochemical mechanism triggers the yips, and why.