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Interestingly, though C11 (VLS 89) was among the best yielders and as in C17 (PS 1556) and C10 (DS 3102) but it was relatively early (111 days) in maturity than 'C10' ('DS 3102') and 'C17' ('PS 1556') which was having high mean values 116 days and 118 days, respectively i.
It is concluded from the above mentioned results that P-20 and SP-36 and P-23-1 were not only averted the aphid population but also contributed higher grain yielder strains.
His second season crop of high-value organic red rice not only fetched him a very good price in the market, his yield of 170 cavans per hectare also won him the Highest Yielder for Naturally Grown Organic Rice Farming award in 2015.
Under such circumstances, farmers' own varieties or land races are better yielder
As I looked down the list of names of cows now long gone, the top yielder for that month was a cow called Julie, a Starbuck daughter.
Growers are sometimes reluctant to try new releases, but they could see the hybrid growing in the field on the video and judged it to be a good yielder," he says.
Ambassador has proved to be an excellent seed yielder in the eastern Oregon area near Imbler (William Merrigan, personal communication, 15 July 2002).
Syngenta's hybrid rice, Frontline S6003, emerged as the highest yielder among twelve hybrid rice varieties from five participating agricultural companies and cooperatives which joined the recent Northern Mindanao Hybrid Rice Derby.
Incorporation of aphid resistance to elite wheat lines through shuttle breeding: The incorporation of aphid resistance to elite wheat lines was done by adopting the process of crossing between aphid tolerant/resistant varieties/lines with high yielder wheat varieties/lines and selection of high yielding plus aphid resistant plants in the subsequent generations.
RYTON (v Stockton, home): L Barr, S Brent, A Brett, D Cork, P Davidson, S Finlay, S Fudge, M Hardy, S Lee, P McCarten, P Moore, D Owens, M Roberts, R Scott, S Shaw-Kew, L Wilson, G Wymes(c), P Yielder.
Kur cultivar of date palm is a high yielder but it has small fruit size.
They finished the campaign in style as goals from Thomas Tremble, Nathan Backer and a hat-trick from Sam Yielder gave them a convincing win at Whitley Bay BC.
Markets are currently pricing in another 192 bps of rate hikes over the next twelve months which leave the pair as the undisputed high yielder.
RYTON (Horden, away): L Barr, A Brett, P Davidson, S Finlay, T Fou, T Goodwin, M Hardy, M Jackson, S Lee, R Nesbitt, D Owens, S Parkinson, R Scott, S Shaw-Kew, A Ushaw, S Watson, G Wymes, P Yielder.