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a person who yields or surrenders

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DEMAND FOR MILK ON THE RISEThe crosses are among the high yielders, says the farm manager, with each offering an average of 20 litres."In future, these are the animals we would keep because unlike the pure Friesians or Ayrshires, they feed less and are hardy especially in this environment and they offer more.
10.###HB-(M)-1###CCSHAU, Hisar###Long pods, more number of seeds per pod, bold seed, high yielder, more pod
It is observed that high yielder cattle are more prone to this disorder.
Within a mixture of genetically dissimilar individuals a part of genotypes may represent strong competitors but low yielders (Cy) at one extreme and weak competitors but high-yielders (cY) at the other [12].
It is concluded from the above mentioned results that P-20 and SP-36 and P-23-1 were not only averted the aphid population but also contributed higher grain yielder strains.
Multilocation trials conducted across years are necessary to verify the pattern of locations grouped into megaenvironments and genotypes identified as highest grain yielders for each megaenvironment (Yan et al., 2000; Yah and Rajcan, 2002).
To sell the animal, you must involve a veterinary surgeon and the valuer to give you the reserve price and then group the animals according to category of high yielder, middle yielder and lower yielder.
The full list of Braveheart winners are; Louisa McGregor Smith, 9, from Middlesbrough, Charlie Thornton, 5, from Consett, Amelia Marran, 6, of Prudhoe, Jack Thompson, 8, from Gateshead, Josie King, 14, of Sunderland, Jack Nugent, 12, of Consett, Tyler Short, 5, of Bedlington, Benjamin Arnold, 5, of Middlesbrough, Harvey Lee Hurst, 7, of Gateshead, Rachel Hooley, 13, of Cramlington, Bethany Lewis, 7, of Darlington, Joshua Williamson, 12, of Whitby, Joel Waites, 5, of Blyth, Daniel Rainbow, 4, of Stanley, Sophie Laidler, 7, of Houghton-le-Spring, Isla Waller, 5, of Stockton, Cole Prior, 13, of Middlesbrough, Adyan Hasib, 4, of Gateshead, Louis Aplin, 6, of Cockermouth, Max McKeown, 5, of Cramlington, Frankie Ullo, 5, of Stockton and Hannah Yielder, 16, of Ryton, Gateshead.
Accordingly, C17 (PS 1556) was the best performing genotypes in terms of grain yield of 2556kg/ha followed by C11 (VLS 89) and C4 (PS 1550) with 2403kg/ha and 2305kg/ha, respectively whereas, C15 (MACS 1460) and C12 (RVS 2008-24) were poor yielders. It may be observed that the genotype C1 (AMS 1002), C31 (NRC 100), C23 (DSb 24) and C34 (VLS 59) are least stable for grain yield contrary to genotype C30 (KDS 780) with high stability though not high grain yielder.
Under such circumstances, farmers' own varieties or land races are better yielder
Earliblue is perhaps the tastiest early variety, often ready in early to mid July, but it is not always a high yielder. Toro is also an 'early', is a higher yielder, but the flavour is not quite as good.
As I looked down the list of names of cows now long gone, the top yielder for that month was a cow called Julie, a Starbuck daughter.
Growers are sometimes reluctant to try new releases, but they could see the hybrid growing in the field on the video and judged it to be a good yielder," he says.
It was the top yielder in the 4th National Rice Technology Forum Bicol Cluster done in Balanguibang, Polangui, Albay in October 2016.