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And as is true of a lot of magazines, like Time or Spy or even Cosmopolitan, one of the most distinctive and curious aspects of The Yid is its odd balance between seriousness and comedy.
In fact, there are only two texts extant: one independant treatise, the Yid kyi mun sel, and one commentary on Dharmakirti's Pramanaviniscaya, the Tshad ma rnam par nges pa'i 'grel ba.
What I have been called for the past 50 years, however, is a Yiddle or a Yid, and I can tell you that I'm quite proud of it.
Meanwhile, Yid Army are nicely placed in fourth spot of the Tuesday League as Nick Griffin led them to a stunning 20-1 demolition of YMCA.
Another group of poems that is often listed in Tibetan discussions of Saraha's Mahamudra transmission are the Immortal Body Treasury Adamantine Song (sku'i mdzod 'chi med rdo rje'i glu), the Gentle Voiced Speech Treasury Adamantine Song (gsungs gi mdzod 'jam dbyangs rdo rje'i glu), the Unborn Mind Treasury Adamantine Song (thugs gi mdzod skye med rdo rje'i glu) and the Mentally Unfabricated Body, Speech and Mind (sku gsung thugs yid la mi byed pa).
He called him a 'slimy, fat Yid' and 'hello, Yid, I am watching you.
We should also note here that while identical textual divisions are found in the introductory material of Mkhas grub's Tshad ma sde bdun gyi rgyan yid kyi mun sel, "An Ornament of the Seven Tshad ma Treatises Removing Intellectual Darkness," his topical study of Dharmakirti's oeuvre as a whole, and that while something quite similar can be found in a good portion of the prefatory remarks to his later exegesis of the Pramanavarttika,(51) they are entirely absent from Rgyal tshab's tshad ma writings.
Giggidy Goonies are hoping to improve on their lowly position after a pulsating 13-9 victory over Yid Army, while Cardiff Cheetah's and Limo Broker both claimed thrilling wins of their own.
CHELSEA fans beside them giving it "Yid, yid, yid" and other top anti-semitic chart hits.
The swearing and Yid insults gave way to hissing as though the gas had been switched on - a despicable swipe at Spurs being a 'Jewish' club, alluding to the Nazi atrocities.
Norman Lamm, retiring president of Yeshiva University, once declared in his Yom Kippur sermon, "There always remains a pintele Yid regardless of what a person undergoes.
In this respect, the frequent nexus in batini Shi ism of the term aql with the notions of spirit and light (ruh and nur) in the anthropocentric operation of divine aid and energy (ta yid - see pp.
The goals kept coming as Nick Griffin led Yid Army to a 16-7 hammering of Zift FC, and Sean Bradley steered Dyslexia Untied home 15-2 against YMCA.
dKon-mchog-'jigs-med-dbang-po's Enumeration of Dharmas found in many Sutras, Tantras, and Shastras: A Festival for Intelligent Minds, (mDo rgyud bstan bcos du ma nas'byung ba'i chos kyi rnam grangs shes ldan yid kyi dga' ston, translated by Tony Duff).
I would translate it simply as "I am Jewish," not unlike Itsik Fefer's poem, Ich bin a Yid.