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Synonyms for yesterday

a former period of time or of one's life

Words related to yesterday

the recent past

References in classic literature ?
I had an errand yesterday which I did not finish; that is why I am here again so soon.
The day before yesterday," said Dorothea, "when I had asked him to come to Lowick to give me his opinion on the affairs of the Hospital, he told me everything about his conduct and feelings in this sad event which has made ignorant people cast suspicions on him.
That is why I came yesterday, and why I am come to-day.
The fragile creature who was crying close to her--there might still be time to rescue her from the misery of false incompatible bonds; and this moment was unlike any other: she and Rosamond could never be together again with the same thrilling consciousness of yesterday within them both.
Pontellier's absence; it's a wonder Mademoiselle Reisz did not tell me; and your moving--mother told me yesterday.
We had a sailor-man over, the morning before yesterday, to complain of his messages having been picked up.
The note, at any rate, that I put on the table yesterday," I pursued, "will have given him so scant an advantage-- for it contained only the bare demand for an interview-- that he is already much ashamed of having gone so far for so little, and that what he had on his mind last evening was precisely the need of confession.
Then I understand that on your arrival in London yesterday you went out at once and bought a pair of boots?
You will tell him that you want to see the waste-paper of yesterday.
Maggie," he said at last, pausing before her, and speaking in a tone of imploring wretchedness, "have some pity--hear me--forgive me for what I did yesterday.
If I could wake back again into the time before yesterday, I would choose to be true to my calmer affections, and live without the joy of love.
But, Maggie," said Stephen, seating himself by her again, "is it possible you don't see that what happened yesterday has altered the whole position of things?
I've only just waked up, and wanted to go to you, but was delayed owing to my clothes; I forgot yesterday to ask her .
It was when I was wandering about yesterday, rather delirious, I chanced upon a man who had been run over .
By the way, mamma, I did an unpardonable thing yesterday.