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YEP is anticipating more than $100,000 in sales from its pilot project, which will go to pay for upcoming deconstruction projects.
BARRAGAN: YEPs would benefit more from CalCPA if ii would oiler more nontechnical CPE and workshops related to professional development.
CalCPA: What advice do you have lor YEPs jusi joining a firm and starling their careers?
Katie was the chapter's YEP Committee chair, and pretty much "volun-told" 11 if that I was going to be her co-chair.
However, alter sitting on the YEP Committee it has become so much more.
CalCPA: What does being named the statew ide YEP of die Year mean to you?
CalCPA: What are your priorities/goals when Irving lo organize a YEP event?
There is the standard definition of a YEP per CalCPA, which is a CPA candidate or a newly licensed CPA live years into their career.
How does it feel to be named CalCPA's YEP of the Year?
How do you interest your YEP peers in the events you produce?
When I meet new people who are interested in getting involved with the YEP Committee, I add them to the email list so that they can voice their opinions about what events we should have.
I'd also like to help grow the YEP program and expand our committee to continue to provide great events for the YEP community.
At her previous employer, she was head of the "Fun Committee" and involved in recruiting activities and planning YEP networking events.
An active CalC PA Fresno Chapter YEP, Nick brings a feeling of togetherness and excitement to the group and its events.