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officer in the (ceremonial) bodyguard of the British monarch

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The Queen's Body Guard of the Yeoman of the Guard is the oldest British military corps still in existence, being created by Henry VII in 1485 at the Battle of Bosworth Field.
In a procession lined by Yeoman of the Guard, the Royal couple entered the 20th century church - the only cathedral built on a new site in southern England since the reformation.
My husband was given it on the day as he was a Yeoman of the Guard.
Pinafore," "The Mikado," "Ruddigore," "The Yeoman of the Guard," "The Sorcerer," "Princess Ida," "Cox and Box," and "Overture di Ballo.
Cyclist Laura Trott with members of the Yeoman of the Guard, after receiving her OBE
The RLPO presents Yeoman of the Guard at the Philharmonic Hall on Saturday at 7.
Davis led a suitably pompous interpretation of Sullivan's Yeoman of the Guard Overture and an uproarious Fantasia on British Sea Songs by Wood, where orchestra leader James Clark's comic turn (as well as Nick Cox's embellishment of his clarinet cadenza) went down well.
The main event of the evening, which raised money for the Newcastle East Sea Cadet Corps and Tynedale Hospice, was a talk by Major Charles Enderby, former Lieutenant of the Yeoman of the Guard, during which he recounted interesting aspects of his military life in service guarding Her Majesty the Queen.
There is a second performance of Iolanthe tonight and the Carl Rosa company is at the Theatre Royal for the rest of the week performing Yeoman Of The Guard (November 8 and 9) and Patience (November 10).
Crowds of onlookers cheered as the youth was rugby tackled and apprehended by a Yeoman of the Guard dressed in red and gold ceremonial costume.
On retiring from the Army in 1971, Phil took up the posts of Sergeant Major of the Queens Bodyguard of the Yeoman of the Guard and the Superintendent of the State Apartments at St James' Palace in London.
These include senior members walking backwards, the serjeant-at-arms slamming the door in Black Rod's face, and the Yeoman of the Guard hunting for traitors in the cellars.
Queen Elizabeth II smiles as she walks past Yeoman of the Guard, after attending the Maundy service, at Christ Church Cathedral in Oxford
The concert, on Saturday, October 27 is called Britain Celebrates and includes music from Gilbert and Sullivan's Yeoman of the Guard, tunes by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber as well as music by Elgar, William Walton's Crown Imperial, plus British Sea Songs.
Mr Ludlow, who showed off his sense of humour in a commercial for Fiat (which can be viewed on YouTube), joined the oldest opera company Carl Rosa Opera in 2000, taking part in national tours of Iolanthe and Yeoman of the Guard.