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Synonyms for yeoman

officer in the (ceremonial) bodyguard of the British monarch

in former times was free and cultivated his own land

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Before the game with Ole' Miss, Yeoman had finally convinced his staff that the offense needed a new direction.
I believe that although the instructions were given by Mr Millard he was instructed by Mrs Yeoman," she said.
For many years the Yeoman Warders, whose most famous duty is guarding the Crown Jewels, were regarded as an unruly bunch, who sold their offices to the highest bidder.
The Tower's community is made up of the Yeoman Warders and families, the Resident Governor and officers, a chaplain and a doctor.
Yeoman Edwards' office in Bute Street is now occupied by an unrelated firm.
A 24-year veteran of the hotel industry, Yeoman serves on the Board of Directors for the Arizona Hotel and Motel Association, is an active member of the Camelback Rotary Club, and is a lifetime member of the Fiesta Bowl Committee.
Ms Yeoman admitted allowing staff to see the test papers before the exams, allowing pupils to sit in small groups for the exams and allowing extra time to complete test papers.
There's an equally talented line-up of singers among the female principals with Elaine Clelland, Becky Gregson-Flynn, Irene Bradley and Sandra Tinson all cast as characters trying to keep the Yeoman under control.
Another Beefeater is also under investigation over alleged harassment of Moira Cameron, who in 2007 became the first Yeoman Warder in 522 years, according to newspaper reports.
Teesside Coroner's Court was told Mrs Yeoman, 61, of St Margaret's Way, Brotton, had suffered anxiety after husband John was taken into hospital in August with a heart problem.
Mr Yeoman and wife Michelle, 37, have been amazed by their daughter's speedy recovery from the three-hour operation seven weeks ago.
Chief Yeoman can gain some compensation for an unlucky run at the Cheltenham Festival with victory at Southwell tomorrow.
The 66-1 rag Killing Me Softly was the first to crack and, after long-time leader Genghis fell away tamely before they turned into the finishing straight, Tony McCoy was left in front on the favourite with the strong-travelling Chief Yeoman stalking him in second.
Moira Cameron, 42, from Argyll, beat five men to secure the post as one of the 35 Yeoman Warders, who date back to 1485.
And a Historic Royal Palaces source added: "The Tower of London is in the process of appointing its first female Yeoman Warder.