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DIAGNOSIS: Recognized by the generally yellowish brown body without remarkable reddish suffusion, striped abdominal terga, apically infuscate male genital segment, sharp apical part of the phallotheca, rather C-shaped and comparatively short posterior wall.
Frons brown (slightly yellowish brown on anterior margin in a few specimens) except orbital plate black.
Urediniospores subglobose, ellipsoid or obovoid, yellowish brown, 19-25 x 28-35 (-40) um; wall echinulate, 1-1.
Labium yellowish brown with long hairs on apical margin, distinctly longer than wide, more than half of maxillae, narrow and rounded anteriorly, widest medially, truncate posteriorly.
Fore and mid legs yellowish brown; hind leg brown with tibia basally whitish, tarsus yellowish brown (Figure 22).
Mesonotum is brownish with margins and carinae shaded with black; mesoscutellum dark brown and medially whitish; yellowish brown mesopleuron and sternum, yellowish membranes; dark brown markings present on carinae around mesocoxal cavity and on median zone of mesosternum.
They vary in color from a pale yellowish brown to a faintly pink tan color.
This species closely resembles Stachyotis epichrysa but can be distinguished from the latter in having the forewings with narrower subbasal, antemedian, and postmedian lines and a dark yellowish brown, semicircular patch along the terminal area; the male genitalia with shorter posterior processes on the uncus and upper apical portion of the valva tapering.
Brown parallel lines running on the abdomen (with exception of few cases) Yellowish brown stripes on the inner side of femur.
Anterior two pairs of legs yellow; hind legs with coxa yellowish, with black marks, on inner and outer sides, trochanters blackish apically yellowish; trochantellus dorsally blackwish, lateroventrally yellowish, femur basally and subapically black, yellowish brown centrally and apically, hind tibia black, centrally yellowish brown, tarsus black; fore wing hyaline, apically weakly infumate; pterostigma brown.
The heartwood of red ivorywood is yellowish brown with a rich, golden red cast, a sort of pink-red striped figure that probably accounts for the name of the tree.
Maxillary palpus yellowish brown, with 3rd segment yellowish brown slightly suffused with blackish brown, and 4th and 5th segments blackish brown.
Frons greenish yellow, occiput yellowish brown, Prothorax brown with greenish yellow band on front side.
Legs: coxae and trochanters brown, washed with black; femora of prothoracic legs yellowish brown with subapical blackish brown band, tibiae lighter brown with weak subapical blackish band, and tarsal segments faded light yellowish brown except apical tarsomere washed with gray; meso- and metathoracic legs yellowish-brown to yellowish, mesothoracic femora with subapical blackish mark and metathoracic femora with medial and subapical blackish mark, tarsal segments paler with apical margins distinct, except apical tarsi and foreclaws washed with gray.
Mutenye differs from amazaque in looks in that its heartwood is pale yellowish brown to medium brown with a reddish cast and grey-black stripes.