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The best bet will be spending the time at shallower wreck and rigs catching live bait then heading offshore to the floating rigs and drill ships for yellowfin.
Ralph Taylor, Assistant Curator at the National Museum of Natural History, examined faded brindled madtom specimens collected by Jordan and other biologists in the upper Tennessee drainage and discover a new species--the yellowfin madtom (Noturus flavipinnis).
The first yellowfin madtom reintroduction occurred in 1986 in Abrams Creek, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee.
Prognosticators hit it on the head, as scads of yellowfin tuna and dorado followed their brethren to points north.
When all is fished and done, more regional yellowtail will likely have been taken in 1997 than in any other year and the yellowfin tuna and dorado catches will rank second all-time, according to Steve Crooke, senior marine biologist with the Department of Fish and Game out of Long Beach.
Dwyer, a Cocoa resident and a veteran Canaveral charter and private boat captain, was the first to fish for the yellowfins years ago, and he launched his tournament in 1997 in an effort to bring more attention to the specialized big-game fishing.
And Joyce Corrigan, a Cerritos angler who is less concerned about keeping her women's 130-pound line-class record for yellowfin tuna than making sure the fish she brings back from long-range trips feeds the homeless.
Multiple billfish bites and yellowfin tuna are the biggest reasons Northeast Florida boats fish 300-plus miles from home.
El Nino is our friend: ``I've been fishing in the (Santa Monica) Bay 25 years, and I've never heard of yellowfin caught so close to the coast,'' said Del Mar skipper Rick Oefinger, after a 23-pound tuna was boated on the sport-fishing vessel Saturday, just two miles southwest of Point Dume.
Fishing with the Shapiros off Lucaya, Bahamas, we could have kept catching as many nice yellowfins as we wanted, but there are of course regulations to follow.
Upon locating a flock of birds that appear to be shadowing yellowfins, there are many techniques you might deploy.
Last summer at the height of the yellowfin run on the east side of the Gulf Stream, Capt.
This is exactly why your best shot at a Bahamas yellowfin is fishing the magic hours surounding sunrise and sunset.
The fillets are terrific, but odd if you're accustomed to red-fleshed tunas like yellowfins and blackfins.
While we were chunking to keep the dolphin around the boat, some yellowfins popped up for a moment, then disappeared without a hookup.