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of a color tinged with yellow

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As a journalist - despite being a red activist in predominantly yellow-tinged Phuket - he was highly regarded.
WHAT a ghastly yellow-tinged image of Sir Cliff Richard on Thursday's front page of the Liverpool Daily Post.
For those who really want to tap into the Green Movement, a palette of lush, moody and complex grassy greens--as opposed to popular yellow-tinged greens of the past--highlights a sustainable lifestyle, Jordan says.
Xanthochromia is yellow-tinged supernatant of CSF, which results from a breakdown hemoglobin that follows a hemorrhage.
That the newer, brighter lights will consume a bit more energy than the old yellow-tinged bulbs isn't considered by city officials to be a major downside.
1965: Patriarch of his yellow-tinged cartoon family, Homer Simpson, is 42 today.
But don't try to convince Denise Cooper, another resident of the Summit neighborhood in the northern section of the city, that she's getting a yellow-tinged bargain.
It is after flowering when the leaves appear, slightly yellow-tinged, and we then give it a good drenching of sequestered iron.
Finally, diamond cutters polish and facet the stones, all of which are yellow-tinged because of the levels of nitrogen in the human body.
Resident Maria Tagre said yellow-tinged water began flowing about 1 a.
The cashier exposes too much leg for a lady of her years and her yellow-tinged blondness owes more to peroxide than the retained youthfulness.
based agency known for the entertaining Energizer bunny and Nissan campaigns, to inject some flair with a yellow-tinged campaign dubbed "TV is good" that celebrates the medium as a not-so-guilty pleasure.
Tony Royal of Port Saint Lucie, Florida, witnessed seven yellow-tinged Perseids, in contrast with the overwhelmingly white and bluish white ones seen in the past.
The female is even more cryptic in olives and yellow-tinged greens.
They're supposed to be travelling to the airport and then heading to Mexico but he soon realises Vinny's left without him - and taken all the money EASTENDERS BBC1, 8pm IT'S hard to remember a time when Phil Mitchell wasn't a sickly yellow-tinged bed-ridden selfpitying old soak.