yellow root

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perennial herb of northeastern United States having a thick knotted yellow rootstock and large rounded leaves

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Turmeric, Curcuma lunga, a popular yellow root used in Indian and Arabian cuisines, is a powerful multi-functional antioxidant with anti-inflammatory action; controls blood sugar; and enhances mental performances.
Although the dead caterpillar is rather unprepossessing in appearance, itCOs not nearly as disgusting as it sounds: sort of like a little yellow root with a stalk growing out of the top.C[pounds sterling]It is very boring work,C[yen] complains Hiriti, who this year began fungus-hunting at 10, the same age her mother started.Reaching into the pocket of her faux leather jacket, the girl pulls out a tissue and unwraps what looks like a 3-inch-long twig, the only piece she found all day.
Yellow Root: Though it tastes and smells similarly, yellow root is not the same as goldenseal.
There are places for bears to den, bedding and feeding areas for deer, and coves for harvesting ginseng, ramps, bloodroot, yellow root, woolly britches (a spring green) and molly moochers (morel mushrooms), and for relishing moccasin flowers (yellow orchids), and lady's slippers (pink orchids).
Its daily wash gentle shampoo contains an everyday lightweight formula with natural ingredients that include whole wheat protein, cherry bark and yellow root. And its enriched wash shampoo treatment contains quince, wild geranium and gingko.