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One of her goals when she hired on at Yellow Rocket three years ago was to improve employee retention, she said, noting the restaurant industry's traditionally and notoriously high turnover rate.
Promenade Blvd., is Yellow Rocket's third Big Orange and the group's first restaurant outside central Arkansas.
She moved on to Arkansas Business Publishing Group in 2008, working as art director, before landing at Yellow Rocket Concepts.
Beachboard said Yellow Rocket now employs 470 workers full and part time.
Yellow Rocket's policy regarding complaints is clear: respond, reach out and recover.
And Ben Brainard, one of the minds behind the highly successful restaurant group Yellow Rocket Concepts of Little Rock, said his hero was his mother, who raised Ben and his sister alone on a teacher's salary.
Heights Taco & Tamale appears to be setting records for Little Rock's Yellow Rocket Concepts restaurant group.
Did you read last week's cover story about the guys who run Yellow Rocket Concepts?
And though he didn't say it, it all matters all the time because when you're building a brand, and that's exactly what Yellow Rocket is doing, consistency is key.
Yellow Rocket Concept's five restaurants--Big Orange West, Big Orange Midtown, Local Lime, ZaZa Little Rock and ZaZa Conway--reported almost $11 million in receipts last year, not including alcohol sales, making the group a central Arkansas restaurant juggernaut.
* You've heard about the plan by Yellow Rocket Concepts (Big Orange, Local Lime) to start a brewery in Little Rock called Lost 40 and you've heard that Yellow Rocket has located its corporate headquarters in the east Little Rock building that will house the brewery.
Yellow Rocket Concepts, the hot Little Rock restaurant partnership, is moving its corporate headquarters to 510 McLean in east Little Rock, the building that will house its Lost 40 Brewing Co.
In addition to discussing the new HQ, McGehee last week briefed your Whispers staff on the progress the Yellow Rocket team is making on developing and equipping Lost 40 Brewing Co.
Yellow Rocket Concepts, the Little Rock restaurant partnership, is opening the Heights Taco & Tamale Co.
Told in first person, the little girl is 'M A D, mad!' that her going-to-school present is a terrible red suitcase and not the red backpack with yellow rockets and a silver zipper that she had hoped for.