yellow pimpernel

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trailing European evergreen with yellow flowers

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RETIRED: Brian Hollingworth, the Huddersfield area's Yellow Pimpernel
But when more people started asking who I was, I didn't want to tell them my name so I came up with the Yellow Pimpernel.
CAN DO: Brian Hollingworth, the Yellow Pimpernel, says the council needs more money to repair ropads (PC020308Ahollingworth)
Mr Hollingworth, 69, was dubbed the Yellow Pimpernel after he used cans of yellow spray paint to highlight potholes that needed repairing.
Dubbed the Yellow Pimpernel, the 69 year old from Salendine Nook hit the headlines for spray painting potholes which needed repairing.
quitting Brian Hollingworth (right), the Yellow Pimpernel, meets Clr Martyn Bolt and safety mascot Ross at the highways depot on Flint Street, Fartown THE Yellow Pimpernel has retired
action man The Yellow Pimpernel, Brian Hollingworth, at another troublespot
Questioned by puzzled passers-by the 69-year-old declared he was the Yellow Pimpernel and acting against Kirklees Council.