yellow ochre

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pigment consisting of a limonite mixed with clay and silica


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For the one on the left I used my number 8 and stippled a little yellow ochre across the top, quickly followed by Hookers green and burnt sienna mixed, then finally some ultramarine to give a little more depth, especially to the base and to the left.
This story gained credence in 1987 when, in Unknown Colour, she recorded William as having once remarked that 'Yellow Ochre is a good highlight,' to which she had responded: 'I use Yellow Ochre for my dark.
The Huli are the largest ethnic group in the area, their distinctive red and yellow ochre colours noticeable everywhere, from face-paint to wooden fence posts.
So, breaking out of the medieval shackles the designer also included a Latin colored headdress, a black South American gown, a gaucho look in yellow ochre and an ode to punk in bright blue -- plus her famed peaked shoulders for good measure.
France's old province of Languedoc is bathed in shades of yellow ochre as an expansive azure sky looms over a layered landscape of rich, tonal plateaux, cirques (amphitheatre-shaped valleys), lakes and wooded slopes.
The twin phallic impaled portraits are made of two different types of marble, one in black and one in bright yellow ochre.
Fore legs with coxa, trochanter light orange, trochantellus mostly orange with apical brown spot, femur orange with a basal brown spot, tibia and tarsus orange; mid legs, coxa light orange, trochanter light orange with two basal brown spots, trochantellus mostly brown, femur orange with a basal brown spot, tibia orange, tarsus brown; hind legs with coxa light orange with big black spot at outer side, small dorsal black spot at inner side; trochanter yellow with dark brown spot basally, trochantellus mostly brown, femur mostly orange with basal black spot and longitudinal brown strip at outer side; tibia mostly brown ferruginous with yellow strip at anterior side, tibial spur brown ferruginous, tarsus mostly brown, tarsomere 1 with distal half yellow ochre.
The silver compounds are only mixed using yellow ochre and copper lustres with red ochre or iron oxide.
For example, the tint Yellow Ochre that is represented by E in the recipe for Harmony Blue (see Figure 3) is now denoted by EE and is only half the strength of the original Yellow Ochre.
White stone porcelain ware and monochrome- glazed earthenware has been embellished with sky blues, pensive violets and yellow ochre tints.
A majority of the interior walls are painted with Sigmatex emulsion, tinted in unusual colors, such as yellow ochre, raw umber, vandyke brown and burnt sienna.
Protected from wind and rain, they could have been there for hundreds or even thousands of years, and we marvelled at the hands, figures, feet and water monitor in red, white and yellow ochre.
Added to this is the simple ornamentation, the high archways and elaborate gateways hiding pretty courtyards and gardens, arched and hooded windows with outward projecting bars, symmetrical buildings, garages which once housed the famous pousse-pousses (carriages pushed by a servant) but now home to motorised vehicles or have been converted into shops or workshops, and the predominance of yellow ochre and white as the preferred colours for walls.