yellow ocher

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pigment consisting of a limonite mixed with clay and silica


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By reducing her palette to essential earth colors--transparent yellow ocher over burnt sienna, Venetian red mixed with black for the tonalities, and a surprised (and surprising) cerulean blue and dark green combination--and by using them sparingly, she generates a field of painted luminous white.
Clarke goes down to the beach and paints with nothing but black, white and yellow ocher, for example.
com for store locations) for the wall of the great room and yellow ocher stripes (Benjamin Moore Cork 2153-40) for the stairway.
Each day, Spider (Fiennes) leaves the dank halfway house to venture into the polluted, yellow ocher atmosphere of a strangely depopulated East End.
Schonbrunn soon set the tone elsewhere--the familiar yellow ocher (Schonbrunnergelb) of its walls was copied from Triest to Czernowitz, while Schonbrunnerdeutsch (the Viennese dialect sprinkled with French idioms spoken by the imperial family) left its mark on cafA society.