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sensationalist journalism


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Actually, the pioneer in yellow journalism was Hicky.
Famous for his fake news was William Randolph Hearst, whose yellow journalism spurred the United States into the Spanish American War.
Set in Lima during the dictatorship of Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000), the plot of Cinco esquinas is twofold: the odd-numbered chapters tell the story of Enrique Cardenas, a wealthy entrepreneur who belongs to the Peruvian elite, while the even-numbered ones focus on the story of Rolando Garro, the unscrupulous editor of the weekly tabloid Destapes, from which a mischievous blend of political power and yellow journalism emerges in the narrative.
A journalist must follow ethical journalism and balanced reporting approach for personal safety and security and should avoid from yellow journalism, rating and breaking news culture", he said.
Similarly, in the final chapter of the book, "Colorful Writing in the Era of Yellow Journalism," Edelstein demonstrates how Charlotte Perkins Gilman uses the vocabulary of the newspaper in the canonical story "The Yellow Wall-paper," most evident in the equation of the wallpaper itself with the newspaper (118).
Yellow journalism should be avoided and projecting something without evidences and facts was unethical, he added.
I know that, given the Inquirer's impeccable track record in news reporting, it has never been the newspaper's policy to indulge in yellow journalism or in journalism that is based on sensationalism and crude exaggeration; or in speculative journalism in which fact-checking and verification momentarily take a backseat in favor of outsmarting the competition.
The term of yellow journalism was "coined by a newspaper editor in 1897 to describe media practices that exploit, distort, or exaggerate the news" (Edelstein 2007: 74).
But Israeli yellow journalism started a public relations campaign to absolve the army of the murder and a character assassination against the minister.
Dear yellow journalism, a star showed you that some of you are green.
This is the worst case of yellow journalism that I have ever seen.
It has been observed many times this biggest media group has aired news or talk shows which indirectly or directly created chaos, instability and is promoting yellow journalism.
In 1919, he published The Brass Check, a muckraking expose of American journalism that publicized the issue of yellow journalism and the limitations of the "free press" in the United States.
Yellow journalism should not be allowed to dampen the Games, the ambassador said.
He further said that his govt would always welcome positive criticism whereas the media would have to play its role in promoting objective journalism as well as discourage yellow journalism from our society.