yellow jasmine

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poisonous woody evergreen vine of southeastern United States having fragrant yellow funnel-shaped flowers

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This yellow jasmine reminds the local residents of the arrival of spring, bringing blush and smiles to their faces and indicating that the long gloomy winter is almost over.
But because of the profusion of yellow jasmine that blooms in late winter and early spring, they soon changed the name to Jasmine Hill.
2 -- 3 -- color) Yellow jasmine, left, and alyssum are simple to grow.
In addition to blue cornflowers, Floras dress is painted with white and red roses, with yellow jasmine and pink carnations - in brief, with all the colors of the flowers that she can be seen strewing over the prato variopinto, the meadow colorfully painted with flowers.
Ragley Hall's annual Snowdrop Day is on tomorrow with golden aconites and yellow jasmine lighting the snowdrop scene in Ragley's winter garden two miles from Alcester.
The house has South Carolina and Confederate symbols in the ceiling mouldings and paintings including the yellow jasmine, the state flower of South Carolina, and the star from the Confederate Bonnie Blue flag.
1 2,000 Guineas winner of 1977 named after Italian wine grape (8) 2 At Augusta, it's named Yellow Jasmine (6) 4 Best seat in the house for Hatton-Pacquiao?