yellow jacket

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a barbiturate (trade name Nembutal) used as a sedative and hypnotic and antispasmodic

small yellow-marked social wasp commonly nesting in the ground

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Emily Murphy and Sophie Clayton, fashion communication students from Northumbria University focused on capturing people wearing yellow jackets.
A study has shown that 8kg of prey, per hectare, is taken by the yellow jacket wasp each season.
He was a member of the Yellow Jacket football team where he was a two-time All-Lone Star Conference selection at safety.
She was an outstanding softball player who outpaced the level of the still developing collegiate Yellow Jackets, developing her considerable talents at the highest levels of women's softball.
During autumn 2007-2010, surveying crews conducted annual backpack-electrofishing surveys at an established 152-m-long sampling site on Yellow Jacket Canyon to monitor success of stocked roundtail chubs.
In a lab test, wings with a natural resilin patch lost only 18 percent of the tip area when a yellow jacket was spun in a rotating cradle that bumped the wing tip area against a fixed surface for an hour.
Cuesta has also identified a new target area, "Karura", at its 90% owned EPC 1957, also at the company's Eastern Galilee Project which adjoins EPC 1802 where the Yellow Jacket Project is located.
Under the JV agreement, Blue Earth will get 50% ownership of some Yellow Jacket properties, with TWDL retaining an option on these assets, TWDL said in a press release.
The special kit comes in a fluorescent orange bag and includes a high visibility yellow jacket to wear by the side of the road if you break down, a small torch, a small first aid kit, a windscreen ice scraper and a hand warmer.
Q OUR warehouse manager makes us wear a bright yellow jacket with "Donkey of the Week" written on it if we have a bad week.
OVERSIZED OR ODD-SHAPED PALLETIZED LOADS can be wrapped right on the forks of the forklift with the 87" Standard Manual Model Yellow Jacket 110 Orbital Stretch Wrap Machine from GaleWrap, an ITW Corp.
A medium-sized Yellow Jacket cast film takeoff system features orientation capability.
But since purchasing two Yellow Jacket Orbital Stretch Wrappers about a year ago, the Granite City, IL, business has not had a single coil steel order returned because of rust.
N the Lost and Found at school, While looking four my cap, eye found a lot of other things, Like a ball and a baseball bat eye found a yellow jacket Practically brand-new, Some superhero stickers, And a bottle of white glue.
Holt Bodinson's "Creepy Crawlie Safari" article reminded me of two-shot flying yellow jacket hunting with a BB gun.