yellow jack

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caused by a flavivirus transmitted by a mosquito

yellow flag hoist on a ship in quarantine

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fish of western Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico

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Further observations indicate that other species of carangids, such as yellow jack are also group broadcast spawners, occupying the same spatiotemporal spawning niche as permit.
Yellow Jack is composed of one dominant narrative parsed by two supplemental ones.
Posed next to the other, the two are easy to distinguish, but without a reference, it's not unusual for novice anglers to get excited and retain a bright yellow jack, thinking it's a delicious pompano.
Amber-jack and yellow jack can be found patrolling around wrecks and other structure, such as the wrecks of the Bibb and the Duane, two identical retired Coast Guard cutters intentionally sunk off of Molasses reef in Key Largo.
In the same catch were a 3-pound mangrove snapper and a 12-pound yellow jack.
Almost on cue when it hit the chum, a big yellow jack blew up on the lure.
Blue runners, jack crevalle, lesser amberjacks and yellow jacks swim from one reef to the next.
It is really easy to use and simply hooks up to theTV through those old red, white and yellow jacks.
I wanted to get some yellow jacks, an underrated fish that makes fine sushi, and Northwest Channel is a great spot for them.
Then came the Tigers (No 74 Squadron), the Firebirds (No 56 Squadron), the Red Pelicans and the Yellow Jacks, who flew the rather unromantically-named plane, the Gnat.
The day I was there anglers were hauling out big barracuda, yellow jacks and snappers.