yellow iris

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common yellow-flowered iris of Europe and North Africa, naturalized in United States and often cultivated

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Mahonias and variegated holly can look a bit gaunt standing on their own, so grow them surrounded by the little blue Iris histriodes 'Major' or the bright yellow Iris danfordiae.
There is also a truly beautiful pale yellow iris, which is quite difficult to find, called I.
Yellow iris and 'Coronation Gold' yarrow with yellow and cream columbine
The former is native to North America but the yellow iris is an alien from Europe which has made itself at home here.
The UF-100 analyzer in this study detected more RBCs, WBCs, and SECs than did manual microscopy; similar findings have also been reported for the Yellow IRIS [1].
Yellow iris, cattails, bulrushes and other native wetland plants, and, finally, microorganisms in the soil break down pollutants.
In another move, our laboratory acquired the Yellow IRIS automated urinalysis instrument after a thorough evaluation.
Look out for the brilliant yellow Iris danfordiae from Turkey, the deep blue I.
A knot garden provides a modern interpretation and uses water pools to display the yellow iris favoured by Turner.
Make another area a boggy, muddy edge by simply extending the liner and burying it about 6in beneath the soil so that it can be planted with marginal moisture lovers such as reeds, marsh marigolds and yellow iris, which will help dragonflies clamber out of the water.
Additional planting will be provided throughout the reserve, including common reed and yellow iris.
There were pink water lilies in the canals, masses of yellow iris beside the stream beds, old bridges, throngs at the village sidewalk cafes and the tree-shaded country markets - a wondrous ride.