yellow foxtail

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common weedy and bristly grass found in nearly all temperate areas

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Hitchcock (1950) described the morphologies of green and yellow foxtail inflorescences as cylindric, spikelike and, in the case of green foxtail, tapering toward the summit.
is a member of the grass tribe Paniceae, as are green and yellow foxtail.
This descriptive exploratory study documented unusual panicle morphologies of green and yellow foxtail from Kansas.
Letters were sent in 1995 to seven of those herbaria asking if their collections of green or yellow foxtail had divided panicles.
Seeds were removed from branched panicles of both green and yellow foxtail specimens collected in 1993 and germinated in a petri plate (30-33 C with 24 h of light).
Green and yellow foxtail plants having the primary axes of their panicles divided into two or more prominent segments were collected and preserved during the summers of 1993 and 1995 to 1997 (Table 1).