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common yellow-flowered iris of Europe and North Africa, naturalized in United States and often cultivated

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The yellow flag was raised again on lap 18 when pole winner Munthe-Kaas flipped over and retired the only Norwegian boat in the final.
Note: Under New York State regulations (NYCRR Part 575), it is illegal to knowingly possess with the intent to sell, import, purchase, transport or introduce yellow flag, floating primrosewillow, and yellow floating-heart.
Yellow flags, then, are indicators of factors that can interfere with the client's response to treatment and consequently the normal course of recovery.
Delhi's Karminder Pal Singh came shot into reckoning from way behind when the race was ran under yellow flag and another car was stranded on the racing line.
His wife Olivia said a yellow flag warned of choppy conditions, but the ocean seemed no rougher than usual.
Despite two yellow flag periods, the Mexican managed to pull back to second when he handed over to Franchitti on lap 34, still under caution and with an hour and a quarter still to run.
The sound of the black and yellow flag flapping in the breeze apparently prevents the couple next door from relaxing at home and reading a good book in peace.
Frenchman Phillipe Chiappe finished third in a race that ended under a third yellow flag and enabled Carella to move into joint second place in the championship, eight points behind Hameli.
Franchitti was able to cruise across the finish line arms raised in victory after fellow Briton Mike Conway's car launched into the fence and disintegrated bringing out the yellow flag with one lap to go.
He then took over as leader following a yellow flag period and powered on to the chequered flag in thrilling fashion.
However, the championship leader faces an uphill battle after being penalised for failing to slow down for a yellow flag during qualifying following a crash involving Toro Rosso's Sebastien Buemi.
Still, the move brought out a yellow flag and moved him to the back of the pack.
Make edge-shelves 12in wide to hold baskets of marsh marigolds, water forget-me-nots and yellow flag irises to have flowers right up to the water's edge.
However, within a few hours, stewards imposed a 25-second penalty on Liuzzi for apparently overtaking under yellow flag conditions on lap 55 of the 67-lap race.
In car racing a yellow flag means proceed with caution, and that's just what 17-yearold Kyle is trying to do.