yellow fever

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caused by a flavivirus transmitted by a mosquito

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Molecular phylogeny of Edge Hill virus supports its position in the yellow fever virus group and identifies a new genetic variant.
Screening test for neutralizing antibodies against yellow fever virus, based on a flavivirus pseudotype.
As for yellow fever virus, MAYV can infect humans who inhabit the rural areas or enter these forested areas either to work or to take advantage of the environmental attractions, leading to a febrile condition characterized by fever, cutaneous rash, and joint pain.
Yellow fever virus is imported to the Americas on slave ships from Africa.
Yellow fever virus is transmitted by Aedes aegypti -- the same mosquito that spreads the Zika virus.
Issues concerning the history of slavery and the slave trade are at the heart of this account, as is the history of a disease and the "well-meaning but naive colonists" who unwittingly "encouraged both insects and the yellow fever virus to flourish" (155, 110).
Our cloning and sequencing efforts confirmed this hypothesis, because we found that viruses such as hepatitis C virus, yellow fever virus, and HIV 1 did not express miRNAs, whereas 3 viruses from the herpesvirus family (Kaposi's sarcoma herpesvirus, human cytomegalovirus, and the mouse herpesvirus 68) all encoded miRNAs.
"Kenya decided to carry the survey so as determine if there is circulation of the yellow fever virus," she said.
It is caused by the yellow fever virus (YFV) that is transmitted to humans through the bite of the Aedes or Haemagogus mosquitoes (Lindenbach 2007).
According to the company, proof-of-principle data has demonstrated that BCX4430 is efficacious and well tolerated in a preclinical disease model for evaluating efficacy against yellow fever virus infection.
Molecular testing failed to identify the yellow fever virus itself in CSF.
The mosquito-borne arboviruses that are potentially notifiable are yellow fever virus, West Nile virus, Rift Valley fever virus and Dengue virus.
MARLBORO - Patients given an experimental vaccine against the yellow fever virus tolerated the injections and developed antibodies to the virus, Xcellerex Inc.