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uttering a loud inarticulate cry as of pain or excitement

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Alec is yelling at Ellie for letting Sandbrook suspect Lee Ashworth abduct his wife Claire, Ellie is yelling at Alec because she's had a gutful of his nonsense, and Beth is yelling at Ellie, because her waters broke at the end of last week's episode and now she's having full-on contractions.
Despite the urge to finish her career on a high, Yelling believes her former training partner will not risk London if she is not fully fit.
Who is he that I need to wait there and listen to his yelling?
Yelling, 35, caused a mighty upset in Dublin last month when she landed the European title, just five weeks after coming out of retirement.
Yelling's shock return a month ago saw her confidently win the trial race in Liverpool, but nobody would have predicted she would add another European gold medal to the one she collected five years ago.
Yelling's success came just a month after coming out of retirement as she thrashed Europe's top distance stars with a runaway victory in the mud of Dublin's Santry Park yesterday.
Paula Radcliffe may have collected individual gold medals in her two appearances, but overall it does not match the contribution of Yelling, winner of the title three years ago.
On that occasion Yelling was fifth as Paula Radcliffe led the team to victory on home territory in Edinburgh.
Now the in-form Yelling believes there is enough strength in depth for the British women to clinch victory when Toro in Spain hosts this year's event on December 9.
Yelling, like other road-running specialists, had her lottery funding slashed last year by UKA, plus other vital benefits including medical support.
It is less disruptive, after all, than letting him jump up and down; waving his hand, and yelling, "Oooh, ooh, me!" But if a girl bursts out with a thought, the teacher's response changes.
Like yelling. Yelling has major play in the roll of team manager, yelling and being yelled at.
But your mother loves you even when she's yelling. It's okay for you to be angry.
3B gives bunt-defense sign to infielders, then charges while yelling "Bunt!"
Males make the yelling noise when their female strays far away or visits another member of the harem, Butchart reports.