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Synonyms for yeller

someone who communicates vocally in a very loud voice

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In the famous old Disney movie Old Yeller, there wasn't a dry eye in the theaters when the young boy had to shoot the dog he loved.
The retailer's Disney's Old Yeller dog food, which was introduced in 2005, quickly became one of its top-selling dog food brands, according to Kroger press releases.
He's not a screamer and yeller. He comes in here and has fun and let's guys make fun of him.
Maybe it goes back to watching "Old Yeller" when I was kid.
And I expected Hanoch to be an intense and capricious man, a taskmaster, a yeller. The man who opened the door was short, barefoot, in shorts and a stained T-shirt and a smile that stretched between two deep dimples like an electric current.
And what if it went mental and out of control like Old Yeller, Lassie or Herbie?
He was never a yeller, anything like that but very firm with boundaries."
In addition to those geese on the lawn and the lion in the basement, there are references to wildebeests, crocodiles, orangutans, barracudas, deer and the rabid wolf in "Old Yeller."
The 1957 Disney film 'Old Yeller' was second, while 'Terms of Endearment', with Jack Nicholson and Shirley MacLaine, came third with 14 percent of the vote.
I say she suffered because she was what was referred to as a "yeller," often calling out and yelling for no apparent reason.
On my previous visit to the cricket ground, I'd invaded the playing area at the end of the game and secured the autograph of Ronnie Irani, onetime RPSPORT columnist and now an enthusiastic yeller on Talksport.
He indulged in visits to the Edinburgh Festival and pursued his first cultural passion, the cinema (he has the entire back collection of Empire magazine in his attic and admits being moved to tears by Old Yeller and The Deer Hunter).
yeller of the world, the yellow born to rejoice and turned into a sour