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in a yearning manner


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Her ghastly face, with a frightful dampness upon it, turned toward me, and yearningly in the weakness of her sinews, endeavored to reach up to my own sweating features.
The free flower of the forest blooms with its own desire Treasuring the nectar With the burden of thorn Yearningly droops as paramours rob Does that quench my heart Beloved?
The description at the beginning of James And The Giant Peach (1961) of the young boy, incarcerated in the house of his horrible aunts, recalls that act of Welsh homing - James looks back yearningly towards his dead parents' house, over a rich pastoral landscape that recalls the Dahls' estate at Radyr.
There's no magic, no mystery, no meaning to this awkward, single-figure day so early in a year that is full of perpetual promise, a year too yearningly young to as yet let us down in the way every year has singularly failed to deliver any degree of resolution.
"He was yearningly dreaming of martyrdom in the service of his nation defending right and justice, and fighting terrorism."
Those that have covered the AU summit regularly from its main home in Ethiopia, yearningly moan about how it is easier to interact with the AU elite in its Chinese-donated headquarters in Addis Ababa.
Staring yearningly at fashion plates, Victorian women longed to own a perfect representation of fully fledged female beauty.
Berkshires, Mailer shows himself with the outsider's yearningly
There is plenty of idiomatic rubato surrounding the many woodwind solos in this yearningly pastoral score, and full-powered surges propel the music irresistibly forward.
I particularly like his psychologically astute approach to Hardy's "drastically altered feelings for his late first wife, Emma." As Davies puts it, "Hardy found release in the poems of 1912-13"-"release" in the poems, not in recapitulating his courtship days; a "release" from "the guilt-ridden relationship with his dead wife," a "release" which, in turn, inspired "yearningly beautiful poem[s] about the puzzling nature of time and memory" (pp.
BETTING HIGHS I RESEMBLE a weary elephant who is stranded in the middle of a hot, unforgiving desert, staring yearningly ahead at the oasis in the distance and wondering if I'll ever make it there.
But now Liverpool supporters, rather than looking yearningly to the past, have their sights focused firmly on the future.
The mums and grans could look yearningly and moist-eyed at Fred while their offspring could shriek and swoon at Ricky.
Today Bubu is wandering the vast mountain wilderness that he only recently looked at yearningly from his rehabilitation enclosure.
Berdichevski in Kaliningrad, Soviet Union, Wedemeyer described the significance to him of the painting entitled School Door (1887): "It shows a ragged little boy looking curiously, yearningly, through the school door at the better dressed children who are in the schoolroom.