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Synonyms for yearner

a person with a strong desire for something

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Yearners are their own worst critics says Mr Phipps, always expecting great results.
Whether guests wake up in 'the foetal', 'the log', 'yearner' or 'freefaller', Premier Inn offers all guests a 'Good Night Guarantee' - which means if guests are not 100% satisfied with their stay they can request a full refund.
While Bob Ferris, the Likely Lad yearner for respectability, is now - well, what exactly?
YEARNER (like a log, but with arras near the head): suspicious and cynical.
The yearner position - on your side with both arms out in front - shows an open nature but, says the report, with a sus-picious and cynical streak.
Angelic nurse of-clamor, yearner, tinkler, dominator-- O Elephant, you were for me!
The danger of this kind of attraction resides in its superficiality; the "yearner" naively thinks that he "understands" Indians and believes that they would be "perfectly happy" if "left alone" and permitted to live "their old life." What the escapist does not understand is that the "old life" is not all Indians in "beautiful costumes."(9) In his short stories, La Farge gave compelling evidence of the havoc White ethnographers could wreak in their enthusiastic but uninformed pursuit of knowledge and power.
He concluded that those who sleep in the foetal, log and yearner positions should look for a strong pillow to support their neck area.
This has enabled him to retain the freshness of perception of a distant yearner who knew the reality first through pictures: he lives in France as one might, impossibly, participate in events one first read about in books.
BIG YEARNER: Kris Boyd wants out of Boro and is pining for a return to Gers.
In his diverse voices and in different moods, writes Clark, Warren told humbling and often agonizing truths, and the message of his life's work is "ultimately one of hope." Warren described himself as a "yearner," a word that comports well enough with Clark's terms as long as we understand the long haul involved in "ultimately."