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Synonyms for yearn



Synonyms for yearn

to have a strong longing for

to experience or express compassion

Synonyms for yearn

desire strongly or persistently

have a desire for something or someone who is not present

have affection for

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I also yearn for the Sophia Gardens Pavilion, the venue for dancing, boxing, wrestling and many other kinds of entertainment.
Yearn Hong Choi tells us about himself in dealing with the vagaries of life, and his poems illuminate human experiences by their connectedness to those questions: who we are, where we are, and where we should be.
As a result, M had a $30,000 basis at the beginning of yearn 4 ($90,000--$60,000 of excess losses).
Hone means "to sharpen on a hone" and in the South "to yearn.
The cruelty inflicted on women is their way to vent their repressed rage towards their fathers, whom they fear and yearn for.
If you yearn to simplify your life without compromising your career, Dot Calm offers practical solutions," write Debra Dinnocenzo and Richard B.
If you yearn to race in London, Honolulu, Alaska, or Australia but can't afford the travel, Runner's Circle can help you cut costs and put you in touch with other runners from around the world.
WHEN motoring enthusiasts shake their heads at the sorry state of affairs with Rover cars and yearn for the good old days, they are actually yearning for the Rover P-5.
LOS ANGELES -- For all those who are tired of maintaining their traditional "old media" libraries, who can no longer stand to look at dusty stacks of CDs and DVDs, who yearn for the total, unencumbered freedom of the new digital entertainment age .
yearn is used of a very eager desiring along with restless or painful feelings.
WORKING women no longer want the nine to five strife and yearn for the days when they stayed at home, cooking, cleaning and waiting in a fresh pinny for hubby to come home, according to research from Yorkshire Bank.
Sometimes I yearn so strongly for God that it is painful.
They came together because they yearn for more faith-freedom in academia.
The "new painting" often has little to do with painting itself, of course, except perhaps in terms of scale; indeed, the ubiquity of the photograph almost makes one yearn for fleshy oils on canvas.
All the while, Pickover considers why it is that humans yearn to know the future.