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the end of a calendar year

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taking place at the close of a fiscal year

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The PNP announced the release of P7 billion for the 2018 yearend bonus of uniformed and non-uniformed PNP personnel in active duty.
This will give you time to make any needed corrections before the actual yearend audit.
Class A office space vacancies rose to 9.27% Islandwide, from 8.83% at yearend 2006, but remained below the 10.76% in the 2005 first quarter.
Considering that a number of companies had not yet reported 2003 yearend financial results at the time of the February 15 issue, IBO focuses here on the Laboratory Instrument Sales Index again to update its 2003 year-end performance.
As no partner or group of partners owning more than 50% in partnership capital and profits has the same yearend, GI Screen Partners cannot determine a year-end based on the general rule.
* Select the legal entity and yearend. * Find a location for the business.
Despite more than 950,000 s/f being absorbed during the fourth quarter of 2006 alone, the Northern and Central New Jersey overall industrial availability rate increased from 8.5% in the third quarter to 8.7% by yearend.
If a physical count is not taken at yearend, shrinkage occurring since the last count will have to be estimated for financial reporting purposes and subsequently verified at the next inventory count.
In pre-TRA days, it was easy to add a quick yearend tax shelter rather than develop a tax plan.
Class A office space vacancies rose to 9.27 percent Islandwide, from 8.83 percent at yearend 2006, but remained below the 10.76 percent in the 2005 first quarter.
"In New Jersey, class 'A' vacancy rates have increased from- 10.5% at yearend .2000, to 14.0% at year-end 2001, to 15.4% at the end of this year's first quarter," he noted.
While clients probably feel that they have not seen the client partner in the winter as much as is desirable, a fiscal yearend client will see this partner in June.
The SERI, published annually, offers a true depiction of rents for commercial office real estate at yearend 2001 in 15 major metropolitan regions and eight suburban markets.
The yearend availability rate was 14.2 percent, unchanged from the end of 1996.