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Synonyms for yearbook

a book published annually by the graduating class of a high school or college usually containing photographs of faculty and graduating students

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a reference book that is published regularly once every year

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For her dedication to the yearbook program and her willingness to step up when the local newspaper needs a story covered Sydney Moore is named to the 2019 All-State Journalism Team.
posted photos of the 1983 Philippinensian, the yearbook of UP graduates at the time.
Round 2 of my Yearbook finds: Before they were rockstars naman #Sandwich #Kjwan #Greyhoundz #Coldplay @MarcAbaya @KelleyMangahas @ninoavenido @coldplay
"Does your yearbook contain the 'FFFFFFFourth of July entry' described by Mr.
Also, content from the yearbook will also be compiled into a Special Energy Report to be published in African Business magazine and circulated throughout the magazine's global distribution network.
The Yearbook has survived the Second World War, was allowed to continue through the martial-law years and onward past the Edsa Revolution.
"When I heard the Burns Elementary story, I knew just how we could help," Lisa Dean, Director of Sales, Eastern Region, Picaboo Yearbooks.
Nora Foster, a marketing consultant with a background in design and digital printing who is also an elementary school parent and yearbook adviser for New Hampton Community School, knows the work that is involved.
The AHDB Cattle and Sheep Yearbook 2015 can be found in the markets section of the AHDB Beef & Lamb website.
"We are very proud that Shaikh Abdullah accepted the 2014 yearbook as this publication reflects all the activities that have been staged to enhance Purebred Arabian racing and endurance sport, all of which are part of the UAE's heritage," Sawaya said.
Continue reading "'Jew' Added to Israeli Student's Last Name in California High School Yearbook" at...
It is the first time in its 18 years that the yearbook has featured a club chairman, but contributing editor Tim Butcher makes no apology for making an exception for the ambitious owner of Salford Red Devils.
THE impact made by colourful racehouse owner Marwan Koukash in rugby league in 2013 is reflected in his inclusion as one of five personalties of the year in The League Express Rugby League Yearbook.
The council also forked out for 10 Filofax versions of the yearbook at a cost of PS117 and 20 softback versions - with no diary - for a further PS77, bringing the combined cost to PS1,765.
The Belles of Three Spires won the Millennium Award for the most improved chorus, The Cheshire Chord Trophy for director effecting most improvement in their chorus and the Pitchpipers Yearbook award at the Ladies Association of British Barbershop.