year of grace

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any year of the Christian era

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Snorting, anxious to be off, they came to him, he tugged the reins, They flew up and up now and forever, This was Christmas in the first year of grace.
Every year provides one more round of seasons with Christ, one more chance at new insight, one more year of grace.
The Wisdens, cricket's bible of facts, figures and analysis, span from the first edition in 1864 to 1915, the year of Grace's death.
At the end of the document, John Paul II says that he hopes two objectives will be achieved during the Year: "If the fruit of this Year is only to revive in all Christian communities the celebration of Sunday Mass and to increase Eucharistic adoration outside of Mass, this Year of grace will have achieved a significant result."
A Year of Grace, a collection of 365 mealtime prayers that was dropped by its Canadian distributor following complaints from some readers about its inclusion of non-Christian prayers, has been picked up by the Anglican Book Centre (ABC).
The 56 will continue to make efforts to increase their capital-adequacy ratios to above 2% in the year of grace remaining, the Zenchu said.
Father Frank Moran, senior Roman Catholic chaplain in Britain, said: "If gunmen and bombers can benefit from the Good Friday Agreement, then could not the average non-violent offender and his family benefit much more from a year of grace?"
In the march of seasons, Epiphany can be the grand finale and the even grander beginning to a new year of grace. --Peter Mazar
* of the Christian churches, that 1992 be proclaimed the Year of Grace for debtors and creditors, cancelling the debt, so the authentic New Evangelization can begin today."