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We've got plenty of English players but since year dot we've had local players right in the thick of it and just now it seems to be coming to an end.
He allows evil to take place in the world because he honours men's free will which he has done so since the year dot when he allowed Adam to disobey him.
But Tom is also planning to do something else that's rather brilliant, donating one of his own kidneys to Grantly Budgen - a man's who's been on the waiting list for a sense of humour transplant since the year dot.
I love sport and it has been part of my life since the year dot.
The people who have been here since the year dot are the club and they keep the values and winning desire at the forefront of everything we do.
Anyway, my father loved his chapel life and become a deacon, so from year dot we were expected to attend and there wasn't any point fighting it, even though believe me I tried and have a disfigured toe-nail to prove it.
We are improving and it will take time, but we've got to aspire to being like Everton who have been in the Premier League since the year dot."
Surely he is fluent by now as he has been here since the year dot but then again maybe that is one of his problems.
"Everyone has been saying since year dot that there is something going on between Rob and me.
Whether your family has been here since the year dot, or you arrived as an immigrant or came as an asylum seeker last week, everybody who lives in this country and enjoys its freedoms owes a debt to those who gave their lives for our precious liberty.
Someone rang them and said we were having a disco lights flashing the lot, the cops turn up, knock at the door, then a bemused cop asks: 'why lights and no noise?'" Pamela Burn: "Get a grip there's been parties in Jesmond since the year dot, and we never hurt a living soul!" Chris Loxley: "Would be much better getting them in proper nightclub where it's PS10 to get in then PS8 per drink."
From the year dot, there are people who've always been on the breadline.
Steve added: "The judge may have been expecting a more traditional scene of a table covered in a pristine cloth with a wine bottle, but we've been doing traditional since the year dot.
Review Band: Peter Hook and The Light Venue: Holmfirth Picturedrome Review: Linzi Nicholson IT'S hard not to talk politics when New Order are involved - and when your better half has followed them since year dot.
As a councillor she should know full well that those in 'mansions' pay far more council tax than those in inner city areas, and from the year dot have subsidised half the population of the city who either can't pay or won't pay.