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an infectious tropical disease resembling syphilis in its early stages

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yaw rate ([psi]) = (steering wheel angle) multiplied by (increase of yaw rate).
Therefore, we could not determine whether the treponemal strains from NHPs in Sulawesi resembled strains that cause human yaws.
We purposively sampled three districts in the Eastern Region of Ghana (Figure 2) because of their high yaws case notification in the country (16,319 cases between 2005 and 2007).
Syphilis-causing bacterial strains arose recently and resemble the yaws strain from Guyana, the researchers report in the Jan.
(Yaws was the only treponemal disease present in Guam prior to 1668 [Heathcote 1991; Howells 1973; Rothschild and Rothschild 1995; Stewart and Spoehr 1952]).
Data are limited to inform the optimum coverage and number of TCT or TTT rounds that are required to achieve elimination (i.e., interruption of transmission) of yaws at a local level to facilitate country-level elimination and ultimately global eradication.
We conducted a cross-sectional survey for yaws in the Western Province and Choiseul Province of the Solomon Islands in 2013.
The more commonly cited, and greater, "bad" thing that happens in a banked turn is called adverse yaw. Look at a wing from forward of the nose of the airplane when the ailerons are fully deflected.
To the Editor: In 2012, the World Health Organization launched plans for a second campaign to eradicate the neglected tropical disease, yaws (1).
Regardless, one of the keys to effective rudder use is understanding yaw. In other words, before we can understand everything the rudder has to offer, we have to understand how and why the airplane yaws about its vertical axis.
Yaws is a tropical infection of the skin and bones caused by Treponema pallidum subsp.
One result is that as long as we have ailerons deflected from neutral, the aircraft experiences greater drag on the rising wing and, in response, yaws in that direction.
Yet some pilots still act surprised when the airplane yaws in these conditions, and they have to relocate their feet from the floor to the pedals to smooth out the gyrations.