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Synonyms for yawp

to utter a shrill, short cry

to speak or say very loudly or with a shout

a shrill, short cry

Synonyms for yawp

make a raucous noise


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A: On one level, Whitman's "barbaric yawp" evokes the emotional and Eliot's "objective correlative" the intellectual.
9, "On Impulse: Spasmodic Epic 1850-1860") between the poetry of sensation advocated by Hallam in 1831 and the sensation novel that followed, arguing that Maud had particular power to disturb because Tennyson's "barbaric yawp" originates in a country gentleman's house.
our tour with you is done; You've weather'd those who called you "yawp"; our devotion you have won!
Verdasco, who let out a loud yawp of excitement at the end of that game, broke Murray in the next game to give himself a 4-3 lead and when he held serve in the eighth as he sensed an upset was on the cards.
Deliberately conjuring the ghost of Walt Whitman, the great poet of American democracy, Ginsberg transforms Whitman's ecstatic "Yawp over the rooftops of the world" into a howl of pain and rage and resistance to what he saw as the betrayal of the hope and promise of democracy celebrated in the earlier poetry of Whitman (Ginsberg 1956b).
I too am untranslatable,/I sound the barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world" (1982: 87).
3Photon 1 Personal FlashlightMan (in the masculine sense of the term) has since his first prehistoric yawp been obsessed with the creation of light.
Emerson, Thoreau, and Walt Whitman in the nineteenth century attempted to imagine a new American literature and culture free from the influence and constraints of Europe--one that would sound its 'barbaric yawp over the rooftops of the world.' Vonnegut imagining being an American in the second half of the twentieth century does so against the backdrop of their partial, if considerable, achievement" (xiv).
From David Lawrence (NY, NY): I have published more than a hundred poems in Minnesota Review, North American Review, Midwest Poetry Review, Pearl, Shenandoah, Chicago Tribune, California Quarterly, William and Mary Review, Confrontation, The South Carolina Review, ACM, Folio, No Exit, Laurel Review, Poetry Motel, Poet Lore, Mudfish, Hoyden's Ferry Review, Lummox, The Iconoclast, Heliotrope, Barbaric Yawp, Mojo Risin', Zuzu's Petals Quarterly Online, P.D.Q., Small Pond Magazine, Hawaii Review, People Magazine, New Laurel Review, Coe Review, Sprout, New Delta Review, Kimera, Lynx Eye, Mind Purge, Real, Pitchfork, Porcupine, Now Here Nowhere, Cape Rock, Art Mag, Blue Unicorn, 96 Inc, Superior Poetry News, The Homestead Review, LSR, Wavelength, etc.
As I plunk down yet another chicken bone and prepare to throw back my head and unleash a "barbaric yawp" of romp'n stomp'n food eat'n satisfaction, I notice a child standing just outside the door, covered with dirt, wearing a simple smock, and possessing a bloated belly, a telling sign of malnutrition.
As the quality condiments made their way around, an obviously out-of-place man asked in a southern yawp, "Can you please pass the jelly?" The look on the horrified matron's face told the story: One must choose words carefully, particularly when it comes to fruit spread.
Pop was commercial artifice; rock is, in Pattison's portrait, Walt Whitman's "barbaric yawp," updated and indispensable to surviving a corrupt consumerist world.