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a person who yawns

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What is verbally acceptable may be a "yawner," and therefore completely unmoving.
He picks one up and reads aloud: "'For decades, Billy Graham has been preaching gospel around the world.' It's a yawner. What makes it so unappealing as a lead?"
The usual straight-on picture of the building used in most ads is a yawner. We've all seen similar photographs hundreds and hundreds of times.
The first act may be a yawner as far as you are concerned, because it applies to what happens if Mom dies leaving the rather pleasing amount of more than $600,000 (referred to earlier).
After that, your lead may be awkwardly long, your quotes bland, your prose pedestrian, your transitions abrupt, and your kicker a yawner. You can live with those problems and work on them, fine-tuning your writing against the next deadline.
What a yawner! Didn't those guys realize that tv was different from radio or newspaper?
1) seems, with its wide open eyes, less to be snivelling than expressing, all at once, surprise, fear, and distaste; The Yawner (Fig.
Bradley has had a history of struggling to cash in at the box office while Pacquiao is coming off a yawner of a superfight against Mayweather.
But sitting 500 meters awayfor 50 minutes is just a yawner.
Johnson's Vmc demo was a yawner. Vmc is a remarkably low 65 knots and pitching the airplane up to that value yielded an unenthusiastic, barely discernable roll moment into the dead engine.
HIPAA Compliance -- This issue is the sleeper of the century--a real yawner. As boring as it sounds--improved cash flow as accounts receivable days go down; real-time eligibility, lower collection costs, reductions in FTEs in finance (billing and coding); real-time referral authorizations; lower paper, postage and fax costs, improved CRM--it is the single most important piece of health care legislation since Medicare was passed in the 1960s!
Net, which finished first in total viewers for the first time in November since 1997 and second in adults 25-54, is achieving success despite weaknesses in key hours like Sunday at 8 ("The Education of Max Bickford") and Monday at 10 ("Family Law") and an overall yawner of a Friday.
Is it the awful truth, then, that the spectacular nature of what astronomical observation reveals is only apparent, and meaningful, to "believers" -- and a yawner to all the rest?
"I mean, when you start saying, 'I can do it for 4 cents,' is that a yawner? I think a lot of the price shakeouts in the LD business has already occurred."
"So far, this presidential race has been a yawner," he says.