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Synonyms for yawl

a ship's small boat (usually rowed by 4 or 6 oars)

a sailing vessel with two masts


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Mr Provan said: "I clearly remember the violent storm on October 27 1959 when two yawls were overwhelmed in Fraserburgh Bay and five fishermen were lost.
The Broughton brothers hope to return the yawl to its former glory with a strong performance.
In the YAWL study those who met the inclusion criteria (BMI 25-40 kg/[m.sup.2], aged 18-25 years, and owning an iPhone or Android device) were eligible to participate.
We developed a YAWL codelet that accepts input and provides output using pre-specified data types to interface with Odoo (Evermann, 2013).
haala-(ma) 'to haul', hauskar 'bailer', julla 'yawl', kepp 'stick', klibu 'shingle', klomp 'lump', nugi-(ma) 'to parasitize', raim 'Baltic herring', tont 'ghost', viiger 'marbled seal'.
To implement our approach, we are planning to use the open source WFMS YAWL [19] which has a good support for exception handling.
Petri Nets, Extended Petri Nets, YAWL (Yet Another Workflow Language), BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) (van der Aalst, 2011)).
Led by a professional skipper, challengers will learn how to sail onboard the classic 46ft yawl racing boat, Musketeer.
Twosie replies, in turn, from her artificial position of insignificance: "Yawl knows, / don't know" (420).
LEADING Liverpool yachtswoman Lisa Pover welcomed the historic yawl Duet to the city on her round-Britain centenary cruise, linking the 2012 Olympic venues.
With the language barrier, the Maori retreated into the bush, leaving Cook and his officers exploring the deserted Maori village while four cabin boys waited in the river by one of the smaller boats, a yawl. Suddenly, one of Cook's watchkeepers back at the beach saw four armed "Indians" running for the boat containing the cabin boys.
The captain said, that if there was any danger in the town, he would take us in his yawl and put us across.
Richard Wood came in the Iliad, his wooden yawl, always it seemed when a gale of wind was threatened.
She rolled over and foundered after her crew launched the yawl. They made it to shore.