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inclined to tell long and involved stories (often of incredible happenings)

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Janaki Singhe, who helps run a coir yarn-spinning machine in the hills overlooking the bay, knows she is one of the lucky ones.
Brown's personal childhood reminiscences, yarn-spinning capabilities, and research in UMCA mission archives yield an engaging, popular-style tale.
I had been expecting some 'old showbiz' yarn-spinning and 'luvvie' flattery when what I got were blunt answers from a grizzled veteran.
Victoria will concentrate on its tufted and specialist woven Wilton carpets in Kidderminster and its yarn-spinning operation in Yorkshire, as well as a big activity in Australia.
Ewan McGregor and Albert Finney star in a fantastical drama about an exasperated son who demands the truth about his yarn-spinning father's tall tales.
1887 James Cannon begins a small yarn-spinning plant in Concord, N.C., called The Cannon Manufacturing Co.
Taking on a genre that's becoming frayed at the edges, Stephenson marshals his considerable intellect, dark wit, sheer inventiveness, and yarn-spinning pizzazz to create a novel that leaves the competition in a snowdrift and makes the whole subject somehow seem new.
In 1954, Whitin Machine Works in Whitinsville, Mass., brought him and his family to the United States where he designed automation for yarn-spinning equipment in the textile industry.
The author's wonderful yarn-spinning brings to life a host of characters, many bearing such unlikely names as 'Old Man Africa', 'Famous Sixpence', 'Pisspot', 'Magic T Sperm' etc (he never did find out what that middle 'T' stood for).
Yarn-spinning sessions as part of the Scottish Borders Storytelling Festival.
The other primary characters here are the ebullient Melissa (Jennifer Westfeldt) - Pete's girlfriend, whom he spends the pilot trying to dump - the gruff pizza joint boss, Bill (terrific work from Julius Carry), and the delusional, yarn-spinning Mr.
As the owner of a small yarn-spinning, dyeing, and mercerizing company in North Carolina, Jordan represented the fairly typical southern textile manufacturer.
Rom-com aficionados will find its breezy yarn-spinning quirks familiar, so we wouldn't be surprised if the film finds an enthusiastic audience here.
Victoria bought Ireland-based Munster Carpets last October and added Australian yarn-spinning company Pacific Textiles to its portfolio in November.
There's none of Grisham's usual complexity, only touches of his lively yarn-spinning and, as for heart-stopping pace, don't even think about it.