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Synonyms for yarn

Synonyms for yarn

an entertaining and often oral account of a real or fictitious occurrence

Synonyms for yarn

the act of giving an account describing incidents or a course of events

a fine cord of twisted fibers (of cotton or silk or wool or nylon etc

tell or spin a yarn

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Patrick Yarn Mill is a manufacturer of high-performance engineered yarns based in North Carolina, US.
Sla ma Na froT art pro the vis The studio in The Watershed will be transformed into a Yarn Palace to inspire Wool Crafters with artisan yarn, designs and products for sale.
We feel that compact yarn Com4 A(r) compact is the future of comprehensive fabric quality and Rieter compact spinning machine is having very high reliability for making consistent quality for years together with least cost incurring for manufacturing.
When a harvester yarn is twisted or stretched, the volume of the carbon nanotube yarn decreases, bringing the electric charges on the yarn closer together and increasing their energy, Haines said.
You'll want to lose yourself in this exquisitely soft yarn.
Price-wise, Pakistan was the cheapest supplier of cotton yarn for
PRGMEA appeals the government to abolish additional regulatory duty on cotton yarn that should be imported freely from anywhere, as it is hitting the whole value-added apparel sector especially due to limited availability of cotton which is being exported without any hindrance," he added.
Chemical source textile yarn accounted for the largest market share in 2014"
Koo and Suh (2005), have used a regression analysis to study the effect of fibre properties and process parameters in the textile industry on yarn quality characteristics and found that fibre length is the significant factor for all manufacturing processes and these results are misleading due to multicolinearity among independent variables.
In this work, a novel spinning collector was designed to fabricate nanofiber composite yarns in needleless electrospinning, which is able to form continuous yarns and has very large yarn productivity.
China has reduced its cotton yarn import volumes from India in the last two months, which has put Indian yarn exports under pressure.
2 and 5%) of polyester fiber with cotton, on properties of yarn like elongation, evenness, imperfections, hairiness and particularly on tensile strength.
More recently a study was carried out to propose a model to describe the effect of yarn twist on the tensile strength of unidirectional plant fiber yarn composites [13].
com)-- Darn Good Yarn is all too familiar with fun yarns that are made from reclaimed materials and help hundreds of families who are impoverished in India and Nepal while employing individuals in North America too.
Black Leicester Longwool DK is a worsted spun yarn which enhances its lustre, resulting in a lovely dark grey shade with a hint of brown.