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Synonyms for yardstick

Synonyms for yardstick

a means by which individuals are compared and judged

Synonyms for yardstick

a measure or standard used for comparison

a ruler or tape that is three feet long


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Hatchett said the black yardstick gives black people "no obligation other than to demand justice and equity from white people" while the white yardstick "requires white people only to urge black people to be more self-reliant and take more responsibility for their own problems."
The proposed gauge could be introduced as early as next month to supplement yardsticks for determining whether victims are suffering from any illness caused by A-bomb radiation, officials said.
But this yardstick is not just the profit shown by the accounts.
A few companies ask employees to rate their supervisors on skills, such as communicating effectively, establishing clear direction, dealing with people skillfully and other qualitative yardsticks. However, most companies use these ratings to design supervisor development programs rather than to determine incentives.
The two yardsticks by which to judge when is a good time to borrow are: The availability of credit and the cost of credit.
Sales and profit objectives should be indicated clearly as well as what yardsticks are to be applied in evaluating them (i.e., ROA, ROI, ROS).
It will be more effective the more yardsticks and measurements there are against which its performance can be appraised.
Has done plenty of good work with reliable yardsticks at home, and sharp enough to make an impact on this debut.
Or one combining a condom mold with a load of yardsticks ?
That's precisely the kind of revision scientists are now facing, after finding age problems with one of the more familiar yardsticks in Earth's history.
These little beads, each a near-perfect 10 microns in diameter (9.89 microns, actually, give or take 0.04), can be thought of as microscopic "yardsticks." To a carpet installer, a yardstick or tape measure helps avoid waste in cutting expensive carpeting and provides for its snug, wall-to-wall installation.
LAHORE -- Special Committee to review the yardstick and criteria of establishment of special education institutions for one million school going special children in the province of Punjab was convened today in Civil Secretariat Lahore on the directions of Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif.
During a debate at Oxford University, Malcolm X contended "When you're in a position of power for a long time, you get used to using your yardstick, and you take it for granted that because you've forced your yardstick upon others, that everyone is still using the same yardstick" (qtd.